– Oct 20 2018

Clues Answers
”He has an __ in every man’s boat”: Cervantes OAR
”Just” stuff DESERTS
”Mona Lisa,” essentially OILPAINT
”Most prolific” Hollywood actor, per IMDb MELBLANC
”Really” ITSSO
”Thick & Fluffy” breakfast fare EGGOS
21st chapter of a frat PHI
ABC series since the ’70s GMA
Abreviatura de esposa SRA
Accommodation for a small theater party OPERABOX
Airway expert: Abbr EMT
Alternate nickname for Tony NINO
Any high peak, actually ALP
Any __ (whichever) OLD
Asian League of Nations member SIAM
Bad-weather wear OVERSHOE
Breed detection kits, for instance DNATESTS
Can’t-wait URGENT
Common resort setting ISLE
Converge MEET
Debussy called his ”a warning to pianists” ETUDES
Dense dessert GELATO
Devoted followers FANDOM
Dietary designation LOFAT
Disney character in the most films DONALD
Far from praiseful SNIDE
First native Texan POTUS DDE
For whom ”me time” is always EGOISTS
Fraud, e.g TORT
Has leases no longer GOESCOOP
Help a Horse Day sponsor ASPCA
Keeps out OMITS
Large copier APE
Level out EVENUP
Metaphor for goodness HALO
No-rush pace LOPE
On deck, say ABOARD
Opposite of ”secrete” EXPOSE
Party times for many EVES
Persona to be seen soon GHOUL
Ponce de León quest, perhaps? SECONDCHILDHOOD
Reference standby since 1852 ROGETSTHESAURUS
Requirements for private pilot licenses ORALS
Right after UPON
Sandal securer THONG
Second-largest city in the Americas LIMAPERU
Seed of a sort SPORE
Sharp, as apparel or a person SMART
Shelley’s sphere ORB
Silents’ scene-starting shot IRISIN
Something topped in bars NACHO
South African with a Gandhi Peace Prize TUTU
Story arcs? PARENS
Successor to a Birds of Canada note TOONIE
Take the odds RISKIT
Tangoing move DIP
Texas Rangers were his early client COLT
They take long naps SHAGS
They’re guilty PERPS
They’re in front FORES
They’re in the largest religious denomination SUNNIS
Think things over RUMINATE
Thinks things over MULLS
Tidy up for the public EDIT
To be nice ASAFAVOR
What lasers need to read CDS
Where balboas and dollars are spent PANAMA
Withholding Calculator offerer IRS
Word in the etymology of ”linguini” TONGUE
__ way INA

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