– Oct 21 2018

Clues Answers
”Ask someone else” ICANT
”Awesome!” SUPER
”Frozen” princess ANNA
”In that case . . .” IFSO
”The Age of Anxiety” poet AUDEN
”Understood” ISEE
Agendas, for short SKEDS
Aircraft carriers, to sailors FLATTOPS
At minimal power ONLOW
Auctioneer’s advisory FAIRWARNING
Auctioneer’s advisory ASIS
Ballerina painter DEGAS
Bar mitzvah dances HORAS
Barbecue bit RIB
Basic cable channel USA
Basic cable channel TNT
Be worthy of RATE
Become inedible ROT
Belgrade native SERB
Berate, as an ump BOOAT
Best imaginable IDEAL
Billboard displays ADS
Blizzards, thunderstorms, etc FOULWEATHER
Bolstered SHOREDUP
Bottled (up) PENT
Bout enders KOS
Building by some barns SILO
Career athlete PRO
Certain National Leaguer PADRE
Clark Kent colleague OLSEN
Comfy retreat DEN
Conflict, as colors CLASH
Costco competitor SAMS
Criticize sharply BLAST
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Dayan of Israel MOSHE
Doing a pirouette GYRATING
Dr. of rap DRE
Eggs of 23 Down ROE
Electronic read SCAN
Erodes EATS
Expected in DUE
Feistiness SPUNK
First pope PETER
Fiscal period YEAR
Fishing line annoyance SNARL
Flamboyant Spanish artist DALI
Foamy beverages ALES
Force (open) PRY
Freedom-of-movement wartime document Safeconduct
Fresh talk SASS
Friction-reducing sphere BALLBEARING
Gather from the field REAP
Get ready for the day DRESS
Girder handler CRANE
Give a speech SPEAK
Gossip, so to speak SKINNY
Green-card holders ALIENS
Hammering sound BANG
Harry Potter’s study MAGIC
Hawaiian canoe stabilizer OUTRIGGER
Heat quickly in the kitchen NUKE
Historic cache for the future TIMECAPSULE
Home with a bug SICK
How Rodin sculpted ”The Thinker” NUDE
Informal assent RIGHTO
Islamic group SHIA
Jazz saxophonist GETZ
Just sitting around IDLE
Lacking tact RUDE
Largest mammals WHALES
Lariat loop NOOSE
LAX datum ETD
Leaves little room for CROWDS
Leaves speechless STUNS
Like-mindedness UNITY
Linen fabric TOILE
Loafer’s lack LACE
Lobster __ Diavolo FRA
Loretta Lynn mentor CLINE
Make happy ELATE
Make the call RULE
MD imperative STAT
Metallic noise CLANG
Miles off AFAR
Military assault unit STRIKEFORCE
Mollifies APPEASES
Mollify ALLAY
Monocle, for example EYEGLASS
Moonwalker Bean ALAN
More cloud-covered GRAYER
More crafty SLIER
Movies, so to speak FLICKS
MPG part PER
Nation split in 2011 SUDAN
Needing sharpening BLUNT
Noisy confusion BEDLAM
Not authentic FAKED
Official mark SEAL
Oscar actress Zellweger RENEE
Outer limit EDGE
Pie serving SLICE
Pitchfork-shaped letters PSIS
Planned in detail, with ”out” MAPPED
Pompeii, today RUINS
Prickly plant BRIER
Propelled, as a raft POLED
Publication exhortation RENEW
Puerto Rican port PONCE
Put in the attic, say STORE
Reunion attendee ALUM
Round Table members SIRS
Ruckus ADO
Running speed PACE
Shade of sky or sea BLUE
Shakespearean prince HAL
Shows derived from shows SPINOFFS
Shut down CLOSE
Silly ones ZANIES
Singsong syllables LALA
Skin care brand OLAY
Snakes like Cleo’s ASPS
Sock tip TOE
Sore spots ACHES
Sources of shocks in rivers EELS
Souvenirs of Bavaria STEINS
Speak unclearly SLUR
Stare at OGLE
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Tally up SUM
The Iditarod, for example SLEDRACE
Thickener for pastries AGAR
UFO crew ETS
Umps call them RAINOUTS
Unfilled pie crust SHELL
Uplift RAISE
Vacation goal, for short RANDR
Voice actor in ”Up” ASNER
Warship fleet ARMADA
Went on two wheels BIKED
Wine-cask wood OAK
Worker with bricks MASON
World Series prelude: Abbr ALCS
__ Gatos, CA LOS
__ ORGANIC (seal on some food packages) USDA

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