– Oct 22 2018

Clues Answers
”Look before you __” LEAP
”Ready or __, here . . .” NOT
”__ changed my mind” IVE
”__ Miz” (musical play) LES
”__ Sir or Madam . . .” DEAR
50% HALF
Aloe __ (natural burn soother) VERA
And so on: Abbr ETC
Any Super Bowl player, for short NFLER
Ardent fan LOVER
Boats like Noah’s ARKS
Bottom-row PC key CTRL
Bubble-making chew GUM
Buddy PAL
Business bigwig, for short EXEC
California high-tech region SILICONVALLEY
Car like a minivan: Abbr SUV
Carbonated cocktail mixer GINGERALE
Change for a $20 bill TENS
Cookbook measure: Abbr TBSP
Courageous BRAVE
Crumbly Greek cheese FETA
Cul-de-__ (dead end) SAC
Dough-rising ingredient YEAST
Female deer DOE
Flower stalks STEMS
Frog cousin TOAD
Gas in store signs NEON
Gives a warning to ALERTS
Greenhouse-gas emission measure CARBONFOOTPRINT
Group of most desirable guests ALIST
Helpful data, for short INFO
In any way ATALL
Informal restaurant CAFE
Japanese carmaker of the Outback SUBARU
Jousting weapon LANCE
Like __ of bricks ATON
Meat commonly added to fried rice ROASTPORK
Military medal recipient HERO
Music legend Presley ELVIS
Netlike fabric MESH
Nonprofit network airing ”Antiques Roadshow” PBS
Novels’ story lines PLOTS
Of stars in the sky ASTRAL
Of the sun SOLAR
Organization for seniors AARP
Pay a call on VISIT
Pet welfare org ASPCA
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
Recipients of checks PAYEES
Reddish hair dye HENNA
Religion of the Koran ISLAM
River embankment LEVEE
Rod connecting car wheels AXLE
Rodeo rope LASSO
Rose-eating insect APHID
Runway vehicle PLANE
Sailboat poles MASTS
Serving dish for the lazy SILVERPLATTER
Skirt fold PLEAT
Small sailboat SLOOP
Soak (up) SOP
Solo of ”Star Wars” HAN
Sprinted or jogged RAN
Stringed instrument smaller than a cello VIOLA
Swelled heads EGOS
Thick slice SLAB
Three-piece suit piece VEST
Top of the head SCALP
Twosome PAIR
University sports org NCAA
Victimizes, with ”on” PREYS
Walking __ (very happy) ONAIR
When the script indicates ONCUE
Yellow envelope paper MANILA
__ Romeo (Italian auto) ALFA

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