– Oct 23 2018

Clues Answers
”Airy” prefix for sphere ATMO
”Be that __ may . . .” ASIT
”I can’t wait!” OHBOY
”I’d be delighted” LOVETO
”Let me find out” ILLASK
”Now you __, now you don’t” SEEIT
”Oh yeah?” SEZWHO
”That’s correct” YES
”This weighs __!” ATON
”Toodle-oo!” TATA
”Untrue!” NOTSO
”What __ thinking?” WASI
African desert SAHARA
Airplane walkway AISLE
Apropos of ASTO
Aussie bearlike beast KOALA
Beam of light RAY
Beer barrel KEG
Belgrade native SERB
Bet-payoff numbers ODDS
Boar or sow PIG
Bottomless pit ABYSS
By December 31 THISYEAR
Capital of Ukraine KIEV
Citrus-flavored bread spread ORANGEMARMALADE
Computer message EMAIL
Corner chess piece ROOK
Couple PAIR
Curly-leafed cabbage KALE
Doled (out) METED
Each and every ALL
Easy run TROT
Ending for kitchen ETTE
Farm tower SILO
Finished DONE
Friend in war ALLY
Full range GAMUT
German auto AUDI
Hop out of bed GETUP
How sardines are often packed INOIL
Keep available for sale STOCK
Lamb’s father RAM
Large stringed instrument CELLO
Largest continent ASIA
Leatherworking tool AWL
Make simpler EASE
More devious SLYER
More than sufficiently AMPLY
Much-admired celebrity IDOL
Nabisco cracker brand RITZ
Partners of dashes in Morse code DOTS
Philbin of TV REGIS
Pickle flavoring DILL
Places to be pampered SPAS
Play a part ACT
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Restaurant list MENU
Rhode Island’s Ivy League school BROWNUNIVERSITY
River sediment SILT
Route in ”The Wizard of Oz” YELLOWBRICKROAD
Shakespeare’s river AVON
Sidestep DODGE
Sizzling HOT
Slice, as a turkey CARVE
Slides downhill on snow SKIS
Spelling competition BEE
Sporty car roofs TTOPS
Stares foolishly GAWKS
Supposed home of a water monster LOCHNESS
Takes a taste of TRIES
This mo OCT
Throw hard HURL
To no __ (useless) AVAIL
Totally destroy RUIN
Wide tie ASCOT
__ Royal Majesty (queenly title) HER
__-side up (egg order) SUNNY

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