– Oct 26 2018

Clues Answers
”Exodus” novelist URIS
”Play loudly” FORTE
”Spill it!” TALK
”The View” name since 2007 WHOOPI
”You said it!” AMEN
27 Down citing ”leafy arms” TREES
Aiding or abetting INON
Amphitheater accommodation SEAT
Answer to the title question, part 1 AGROUPTHAT
Ascendancy RISE
Australian swimwear brand SPEEDO
Bill with Independence Hall CNOTE
Check for 40 Down EDIT
Clear blue sky ETHER
Cornell of Cornell EZRA
Corporate makeover REORG
Deplete one’s dollars SPEND
Designer Cassini OLEG
Difficult task ONUS
Displayed conspicuously OOZED
Drenched SODDEN
Dress royally ENROBE
End of answer LOSESHOURS
Enumeration abbreviation ETC
Fermented-rice product SAKE
Finished with NETTED
Genius begins with it SOFTG
Glacial offshoot BERG
Half a disdainful verb POOH
He established NASA DDE
Heavy reading TOMES
Impaired HURT
In a manner designed to chill EERILY
In attendance ONHAND
Is known to have spoken SAYS
Jarring the ear NOISY
Keyboarding gone wrong TYPOS
Looking up ROSY
Melodic TONAL
Melodramatic plaint OHNO
Moved on smoothly SEGUED
Not just any THE
Onetime buyer of ”Time” AOL
Oscar presenters’ introducer EMCEE
Packing quite a punch POTENT
Part 2 of answer KEEPSMINUTESAND
Percolate SEEP
Perhaps too cheerful PERKY
Periphery EDGE
Pharmaceutical amounts DOSES
Picasso contemporary MIRO
Pro __ work BONO
Rabbit residence HUTCH
Recitation at some slams POEM
See 45 Down BERLE
Seismic disturbance TREMOR
SFO screen stat ETA
Small falloff DIP
Source of gluten WHEAT
Start of some golf tourneys PROAM
Stop stalling ACT
Sunlit spaces ATRIA
Tarnish MAR
Tie up at a dock MOOR
Totaling INALL
Tycoon from Texarkana PEROT
Uniquely ALONE
Voting universe ELECTORATE
Way overdone TOOTOO
What Descartes called himself MOI
What I may stand for ONE
Where ”GWTW” begins TARA
Wisher’s best friend GENIE
With 51 Down, source of answer MILTON
__ Frog’s (Mexican food chain) SENOR

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