– Oct 28 2018

Clues Answers
$$$ source for mags ADVT
”And don’t forget . . .” ALSO
”Peanuts” kid LINUS
”The Time Machine” author WELLS
Accumulate AMASS
Affectionate greeting HUGANDAKISS
Angry feeling IRE
Ballet apparel TUTUS
Bambi’s little pal THUMPER
Beans or broccoli SIDE
Biblical brother AARON
Black water birds COOTS
Blessed event BIRTH
Bowl over DAZE
Branch of math TRIG
Calls off ENDS
Calls off STOPS
Canon’s camera competitor NIKON
Capital of Belarus MINSK
Career athletes PROS
Chris of CNN CUOMO
City south of West Palm BOCA
College sports conference, formerly PACTEN
Common cutter RAZOR
Compulsive fire starters PYROMANIACS
Conduct, as business TRANSACT
Convention discussion group PANEL
Conversant with UPON
Countdown device TIMER
Crafty scheme MACHINATION
Creative skill ARTISTRY
Damon of cinema MATT
Designer Kamali NORMA
Eastern English county, for short HERTS
Emulate Rumpelstiltskin with straw TURNTOGOLD
Erstwhile global airline PANAM
Erupt SPEW
Etiquette requirements FORMALITIES
Expressed amazement OOHED
Female zebras MARES
Filmmaker from India NAIR
Firefighter’s tool AXE
Floor space AREA
Founding Father pamphleteer THOMASPAINE
Fructose and glucose SUGARS
Fully awake ALERT
Game-box insert RULES
Gaucho’s missile BOLA
Good-for-nothing LOUSE
Great, on some diplomas MAGNA
Hairdos COIFS
Hawaiian fish, for short MAHI
Hawaiian force of TV FIVEO
Hotel visits STAYS
Immune-system stimulus ANTIGEN
Infamous Old West outlaws DALTONGANG
Innate attribute TRAIT
It means ”long live” VIVA
Italian playwright PIRANDELLO
Labourites, for instance BRITS
Lefty pitcher SOUTHPAW
Legal assistant, informally PARA
Livestock marker EARTAG
Long-term savings plan IRA
Lots and lots TONS
Many sports stats AVGS
Maria’s boss in ”The Sound of Music” ABBESS
Maytag sister brand AMANA
Measures of force DYNES
Metal in the rough ORES
Metaphor for a mess MORASS
Mid sixth-century year DLVI
Milestones for young cos IPOS
Milne’s first name ALAN
Miscalculates ERRS
Modeling medium CLAY
Mythical fleece finder JASON
Narrow boat CANOE
Nominates PICKS
Novelist Uris LEON
Obliterates ERASES
Office-space providers for startups INCUBATORS
Order to attack SICEM
Outdo TOP
Overfills SATES
Overrun (with) RIFE
Oversized luggage TRUNKS
Paper to pay BILL
PD alerts APBS
Playhouse platform STAGE
Poetic adverb EER
Posting on Flickr PHOTO
Presidential monogram RMN
Printer insert TRAY
Printer’s proof REPRO
Puzzle with plus signs REBUS
Quick quip ONELINER
Raced on snow SKIED
Rainbow segment HUE
Rather long time YEARS
Ration (out) DOLE
Reduces in value DEBASES
Reduces to granules RICES
Related AKIN
Russian diplomat Gromyko ANDREI
School cafeteria morsel TATERTOT
School cafeteria sandwiches, briefly PBANDJS
Scones, for instance TEACAKES
Senator Hatch ORRIN
Sends to school EDUCATES
Sharp as __ ATACK
Sharp-flavored TANGY
Shoe-sole material CREPERUBBER
Sitting rooms LOUNGES
Small canyon GORGE
Small hoppers HARES
Somewhat wrong AMISS
Sound of a hoofbeat CLOP
Source of 46 Across MINE
Source of the fleece found by 105 Across ARIES
Squeaky scamperer MOUSE
Start of a boss’ order INEED
Started vigorously TOREINTO
Strong yens LONGINGS
Surround securely EMBED
They come from the sun RAYS
Tiny trace IOTA
Topics in history ERAS
Très prospère RICHE
Trumpet sounds TOOTS
Understood GOT
Utah’s __ Mountains WASATCH
What some parents request at restaurants BABYSEAT
Wheel rods AXLES
Whips up MAKES
Wintertime comment BRRR
Without a warranty ASIS
Without refinement CRASS
Word processor function EDIT

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