– Oct 30 2018

Clues Answers
6 on a phone MNO
Acting roles PARTS
Actor Alda ALAN
Allude (to) REFER
Alto’s solos ARIAS
Amenable (to) OPEN
Antlered animal DEER
Arrive at a base horizontally SLIDE
At any __ (nevertheless) RATE
Barely defeated EDGED
Be deserving of EARN
Be indebted to OWE
British coins PENCE
Cafeteria food holder TRAY
Canyon rebound ECHO
Catcher’s face protection MASK
Changes the color of DYES
Compass point opposite WSW ENE
Cravings YENS
Draw in LURE
Emails a dupe to, for short CCS
Factual TRUE
Flat-topped hill MESA
Floor-washing implement MOP
Fuzzy green fruit KIWI
Highest poker card ACE
Historical period ERA
Home for Adam and Eve EDEN
Imperfection FLAW
Impress greatly AWE
In addition ALSO
Initial poker payment ANTE
Initial view of a website HOMEPAGE
IRA alternative KEOGH
Lamb’s mother EWE
Lauder of cosmetics ESTEE
Lavish party GALA
Leased out RENTED
Made angry IRKED
Maui or Tahiti ISLE
Mexican money PESO
Minor knee injury SCRAPE
Molecule part ATOM
Most important MAIN
Moves like a kangaroo HOPS
Natural bandage SCAB
Not working today OFF
Oil cartel OPEC
Outdoor furniture wood TEAK
Place at risk ENDANGER
Place for a dinner napkin LAP
Place where copters land HELIPORT
Playful prank ANTIC
Poke fun at TEASE
Prayer-ending word AMEN
Prepares to be knighted KNEELS
Pretzel topping SALT
Reads electronically SCANS
Ride via street hail TAKEACAB
Rowboat implements OARS
San Antonio landmark ALAMO
Second-highest poker card KING
Shake the confidence of FAZE
Shaving device RAZOR
Showed on television AIRED
Singers like Kanye West RAPSTARS
Soft French cheese BRIE
Stood up AROSE
Suffix for kitchen ETTE
Supported as a candidate ENDORSED
Tiny bit MITE
Used a broom on SWEPT
Used-goods transaction RESALE
Winery tub VAT

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