– Oct 31 2018

Clues Answers
”Absolutely!” YES
Abutting NEXTTO
Baby bird’s sound PEEP
Barbecue rod SPIT
Barbell metal IRON
Be apt (to) TEND
British Conservative TORY
Brother of Moses AARON
Coloring in frosting DYE
Conclusion END
Courageous BRAVE
Current fashion TREND
Cutlet meat VEAL
Date with an MD APPT
Desert spots with springs OASES
Didn’t grant DENIED
Dilate WIDEN
Emporium STORE
Even once EVER
Exam for HS seniors SAT
FBI operative AGT
Fiery crime ARSON
Fine black wood EBONY
Former ”Tonight Show” host LENO
Give or take ABOUT
Glasgow native SCOT
Gold rush participants MINERS
Having the means ABLE
Informal eatery DINER
Initial poker stake ANTE
Intended (to) AIMED
Junk email SPAM
Justice Samuel ALITO
Leopard or lynx CAT
Lobby for URGE
Loch of fame NESS
Logically sound VALID
Mad Hatter guest ALICE
Mexican Mrs SRA
Mice, to owls PREY
Monks’ home ABBEY
Nation on the Caspian Sea IRAN
Needing a chimney sweep SOOTY
Neglect to mention OMIT
News story ITEM
Pick-me-up BRACER
Pickle variety SOUR
Planetary spins ROTATIONS
Pork cut LOIN
Printed error TYPO
Radio station executive PROGRAMDIRECTOR
Reach a cost of RUNTO
Rooms that may be ”finished” BASEMENTS
Rustic hotel INN
Second to __ (superior) NONE
Sgt. or cpl NCO
Shoe leathers SUEDES
Shoo-__ (sure winners) INS
Social equal PEER
Soufflé ingredient EGG
Spiteful MEAN
Spiteful NASTY
Sponge opening PORE
Sports page figures STATS
Sudden increase SURGE
Tack on APPEND
Take a chair SIT
Take five REST
Take to court SUE
Thoroughfare ROAD
Took the gold medal WON
Try out TEST
Warms up, for short PREPS
Watch secretly SPYON
Wintry precipitation SLEET
Word of solemn approval AMEN

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