Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 4 2018

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Clues Answers
”Cosmo” competitor ELLE
”Now I remember!” AHA
24 sheets QUIRE
Able FIT
Absorb a loss EATIT
Addison collaborator STEELE
Bar bottles RYES
Bar bottles ALES
BBC detective series SHERLOCK
Becomes immobile SETS
Betray discomfort SQUIRM
Big groups FLOCKS
Blunders ERRS
Contented comments AAHS
Deductions from par BIRDIES
Diplomatic successes PACTS
Duck hunters, naturally DRAKESFEAR
Equal ARE
Essential KEY
Expressed disapproval of TSKED
Fairway bend DOGLEG
Favors LIKES
Flagpole STAFF
French states ETATS
Frightful TERRIBLE
Green shade KELLY
Grumpy guy CRAB
Harpo Productions boss OPRAH
High spirits GLEE
Himalayan cleric LAMA
Holder of 14 Grand Slam titles SAMPRAS
Hole puncher AWL
It’s south of Sinai REDSEA
Mark down much SLASH
Metaphor for confusion FOG
Minimally ATAD
Most corny HOKIEST
NBA great’s nickname MAGIC
New Mexico elevation MESA
Not watchful in the least ASLEEP
NYC’s NBA arena MSG
Oil-drilling setup RIG
OK to sample EDIBLE
Perfumer’s compound ESTER
Photo finish GLOSS
Pivotal player STAR
Prefix for thermal GEO
Pressed for URGED
Propeller sound WHIR
Pundit piece ESSAY
Rattlebrained DITSY
Roughneck APE
Rutabagas, for instance TURNIPS
Scarecrow’s center STRAW
See 45 Down LEER
Sends off MAILS
Streamlined SLEEK
Stressed type, for short ITAL
Strive for AIMAT
Succeeds in bull taming BREAKSSTEER
Sudden energy burst SPASM
Table leg creator LATHE
The other one THAT
This: Sp ESTO
Twisty turn ESS
Uncorking sound POP
United WED
What a royal reign is often called ERA
What NAFTA reduced TARIFFS
Wholly ALL
With 60 Down, cad’s bad look RAKES
__ noire BETE
__ Rock (Australian landmark) AYERS