Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 5 2018

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Clues Answers
”And here it is!” VOILA
”Don’t remind me” IKNOW
Acknowledges ADMITS
Aesopian saver ANT
Apt. listing detail SQFT
Barely passing SIXTY
Big rib serving SLAB
Bill of Rights advocate ACLU
Binges JAGS
Boxing prize BELT
Brown and its rivals IVIES
Brunch serving QUICHE
Catch __ (learn) ONTO
Certain financial advisor CPA
Citation abbreviation ETAL
Coffee from Mauna Loa KONA
Commandment pronoun THY
Datebook letters TUE
Drips for patients IVS
Drywall mineral GYPSUM
Elhi auxiliary PTA
Engendered BRED
Erudite volume TOME
Exhortation of solidarity UNITE
Fabric store qty YDS
Farmstead measure ACRE
Fire dept. employee, perhaps EMT
Follower of waiting or wiggle ROOM
French mathematician/philosopher PASCAL
Garlicky shrimp SCAMPI
Guy courting BEAU
Hamburg honorific FRAU
Hero of 60+ films since 1918 TARZAN
Icicle spot EAVE
Irish PGA star MCILROY
Its ruins are a Turkish attraction TROY
Japanese martial art with swords IAIDO
Joint used for jumping KNEE
Keys of song ALICIA
Lead balloons DUDS
Mud bath spot PIGSTY
Mysterious atmosphere AURA
Neo-Druid, for instance PAGAN
Not yet tidied MESSY
One not to trust LIAR
Palm berry ACAI
Part of INON
Pay a call on SEE
Playground pursuit TAG
Pond carp KOI
Reverse direction GOBACK
Rival of the Babe TYCOBB
River through Pisa ARNO
Salmon cousin TROUT
Scoff at GIBE
Secluded spot GLEN
Shade similar to teal AQUA
Sharply swerved ZIGGED
Sings cheerfully LILTS
Something grilled on a barbecue BUN
Something to pump at a filling station AIR
Talk on and on YAK
Thickly stuck (on) CAKED
Toast at a taqueria SALUD
Toledo title SENORA
Towel rack component ROD
Turn down NIX
UN source of workers’ stats ILO
Unexcused absentee TRUANT
Unit of force DYNE
Verbal or physical pokes JABS
What you can do indoors in Dubai SKI
Wisecrack QUIP
Young zebra COLT