Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 6 2018

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Clues Answers
”Borne hither, __ all eludes me”: Whitman ERE
2007 Emmy winner as Beatriz Suarez FERRERA
Alternatives to Mustangs CAMAROS
Any of nine guys at a scrimmage LINEMAN
Author who edited her husband’s poems MARYSHELLEY
Beef tallow by-product OLEOOIL
Bit emitted from some smoke detectors ION
Butterfly collector’s hangout MEADOW
CBS All Access offering CSI
Chin __ REST
Class ILK
Closely following ATONESHEELS
Consult TALKTO
Cover with mud DAUB
Coyotes, on NHL scoreboards ARI
Cross, with ”off” TEED
Dwelling mentioned in ”Colorado: Hut to Hut” YURT
Entry-level govt. case workers ADAS
Esprit de corps CAMARADERIE
Even a single ANY
First Japanese luxury car ACURA
First Super Bowl officially a ”Super Bowl” III
Fish catcher in training BEARCUB
Fitness buff’s maxim MYBODYISATEMPLE
Fuji setting FSTOP
Grand Exalted Ruler’s subjects ELKS
Group headquartered in barracks STATEPOLICE
Inventor motivated by proliferating stories OTIS
Joining promises IDOS
Juan’s ”an extra” OTRO
Lance bombardier, in the RAF NCO
Late-spring arrival GEMINI
Latter-day free speech advocate NETIZEN
Metaphor for allocations PIE
Non-American with the most PGA wins SINGH
Nonparticipation worry, in texts FOMO
Older of the only mother-daughter Nobel Prize pair MARIECURIE
One posting on HIRER
Orange Muppet monster in a tutu ZOE
Outer opening ECTO
Part owner of Air Greenland SAS
Performance place for Plato ODEUM
Pinch hitter SUB
Plant watcher, for short OSHA
Possible bed for fish RICE
Preening type FOP
Refresher courses NAPS
Reminiscence opener ONCE
Showed CAME
Sign of agitation at the beach SEAFOAM
Small wonder of myth ELF
Standing by ONICE
Stoics’ opposites, sort of EMOTERS
Sushi bar sentiment ARIGATO
System conveying blog updates RSSFEED
Tackle a cap UNTWIST
Takes out KOS
Took advantage of a ”pay one price” promotion RERODE
Verb with preposition and noun homophones ERR
Well-aimed TRUE
What good pitching can overcome SALESRESISTANCE
What good pitching may convey URGENCY
What TR headed in 1900 NYS
What was once called a ”fountain paintbrush” FELTTIP
What Wharton requires you to take GMAT
Word from the Turkish for ”lord” AGA
Woz employer in ’73 ATARI
Yanni’s BA major at Minnesota PSY
__ chariot (vehicle for Helios) SUN
__ life SHELF