Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 6 2019

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Clues Answers
”Celebration” suffix FEST
”Hold on!” WHOA
”Mamma __!” MIA
”Parlor” game POOL
”Too bad” ALAS
’90s Philippine leader RAMOS
African reptiles ASPS
After-dinner activity STROLL
Anatomical opening ORIFICE
Angler’s holder CREEL
Anonymous UNNAMED
Aspiration DESIRE
Back muscles, for short LATS
Ballpark job VENDOR
Be released GOFREE
Beat by a nose EDGE
Bed size TWIN
Below freezing COLD
Big name in Beijing MAO
Billiards bounce CAROM
Bone to the knee FEMUR
Branch of Islam SHIA
Business jet name LEAR
Check in REPORT
Choose to serve ELECT
City desk exec EDITOR
Clarinet look-alike OBOE
Cocktail garnish LIMEWEDGE
Conditional release PAROLE
Controversial bit of punctuation OXFORDCOMMA
Crude shelter LEANTO
Decline to bid PASS
Display of swagger BRAVADO
Early synthetic fiber ORLON
Embedded dirt GRIME
Embodiment SOUL
Emir’s Almighty ALLAH
Emotional episode DRAMA
Extended family TRIBE
Eyed rudely, with ”at” LEERED
Factors in turnpike tolls AXLES
Fed. health law ACA
Fjord city OSLO
Follow secretly TAIL
Formulate, as a phrase COIN
French composer Édouard LALO
French refusal NON
Frozen food forename SARA
Goalie’s stat SAVES
Grand Canyon caravan MULETRAIN
Griddle sound SSS
Group leading a simple life AMISH
Harshness RIGOR
Hawaiian tuber TARO
Heavy equipment hauler FLATBEDTRUCK
Heist proceeds LOOT
High in calories RICH
Holiday in Vietnam TET
Idris in the movies ELBA
Indian restaurant bread NAAN
Infomercial admonition ACTFAST
Informal apparel CASUALS
Instructions segment STEP
Invigorate RENEW
Knotted up TIED
Language in Leipzig GERMAN
Last president not a college grad TRUMAN
Leaves in a pantry TEA
Leaving for OFFTO
Lexus alternative ACURA
Little brooks RILLS
Magnificent meals FEASTS
Make coincident SYNC
Many mass-market books NOVELS
Mediocre mark CEE
Meditative phrase MANTRA
Migratory birds TERNS
Mundane USUAL
Must obtain NEED
Mythical monster OGRE
Navigation need MAP
NFL player honor ALLPRO
Nickname like Patty TRISH
Nikon alternative LEICA
Norms: Abbr STDS
Northwestern capital SALEM
Obstinate equine ASS
Obtain justly EARN
October birthstones OPALS
Oliver Twist, for one ORPHAN
Opinion sampling POLL
Perfect IDEAL
Piece of the action CUT
Poke fun at NEEDLE
Pole carvings TOTEMS
Potato exterior PEEL
Private eye SNOOP
Put forward POSE
Quite often ALOT
Read carefully PERUSED
Reduce severely SLASH
Renée, in ”Chicago” ROXIE
S&L holdings CDS
San Jose, Costa __ RICA
Scale (down) DIAL
Scram from danger BAIL
Sector AREA
See 10 Down OBAMA
Seized GOT
Seldom seen RARE
Service station fixture GASOLINEPUMP
Shade of blond ASH
Shakespearean suitor ROMEO
Shaped like lungs LOBED
Shoulder warmer SHAWL
Sir or Dame TITLE
Sit abruptly PLOP
Soggy ground MIRE
Source of a fragrant oil SANDALWOODTREE
Sovereign symbol CROWN
Sovereign’s decree EDICT
Star’s walk-on CAMEO
Suffix for project ILE
Swiss money FRANC
Taken one at a time EACH
Takes on or in ADOPTS
Tear forcefully REND
The better part MOST
Ticklish Muppet ELMO
Tranquil SERENE
Trendy CHIC
Turned green, perhaps DYED
Twitter titter LOL
Type of patch IRONON
Unhealthful TOXIC
USAF Academy locale COLO
Water sources WELLS
Well-equipped ABLE
When ”INVASION” was a headline DDAY
With 9 Across, winner of 2008 BARACK
With sore muscles ACHY
__ mater ALMA
__ Stadium (SeaWorld structure) SHAMU
__-Cola (Pepsi rival) COCA