Crossword Puzzle Info – Oct 9 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”. . . against __ of troubles” ASEA
”Dilbert” drawer ADAMS
”What a shame!” THATSAWFUL
”__ next” YOURE
Actress Hatcher TERI
Acute KEEN
Alternative to Will LIAM
Amélie’s ”am” SUIS
Amiable WARM
Any thing NOUN
Apportion sounding like ”plenty” ALLOT
Arithmetic exercise SUM
Barn bundles BALES
Best Picture before ”Argo” THEARTIST
Bought or sold VERB
Chekhov sister IRINA
Cone droppers FIRS
Court pick after Sonia ELENA
Dictionary’s alternate spelling introducer ALSO
Director Kazan ELIA
Dresden’s state SAXONY
Every thing, essentially ATOMS
Fell in a forest AXE
Financial pledge IOU
Fly Hawaiian Airlines, perhaps ISLANDHOP
Former home of many Oxonians ETON
Freed (of) RID
Home of Interstate H1 OAHU
Houston sch RICEU
Influential posters TWITTERATI
Is forbidden to, old-style MAYNT
It means ”entire” HOLO
Ivy Leaguer YALIE
Jumper’s gear BUNGEE
Largest of the British Virgin Islands TORTOLA
Last silent-era holdout MGM
Last-place team’s admission WEREBAD
Longtime NBC staple SNL
Makes heavy, as Helvetica BOLDS
Mall or gym frequenter RAT
Millennium’s beginning MMI
Mocha __ JAVA
Newman’s same-initials ”Hud” costar NEAL
One of ”The View”’s first panelists JOYBEHAR
One of the Balkans ALBANIA
Piccolos’ frequent neighbors OBOES
Post-coup council JUNTA
Powerful team members OXEN
Preteen toon since ’87 BART
Rugged bunch HEMEN
Scurried around RANABOUT
Seams right SEWS
Six-sided state UTAH
Small bouquet POSY
Smucker spread JIF
Somewhat improper RACY
Southwestern World Heritage site ALAMO
Spaghetti western director LEONE
Star pair, in the papers ITEM
Text ”Alternatively . . .” OTOH
Tic-tac-toe nonwinner OXO
Toasted treats BLTS
Toll payee: Abbr TPK
Traditional Old West border PECOSRIVER
Varieties SORTS
Very little WEE
Vessel of the World Wars UBOAT
What Carson warned about DDT
What some rail cars carry ORE
What’s so NOTE