Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 11 2018

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Clues Answers
”Chopped” cracker spread LIVER
”Ditto” METOO
”Do __ others as . . .” UNTO
”Star Wars” princess LEIA
”That’s show __!” BIZ
Aid in wrongdoing ABET
Alphabet ender ZEE
And others: Abbr ETAL
Assault on the ears NOISE
Astonish AMAZE
Attentive ALERT
Auto security device ALARM
Battleship designation USS
Be untruthful LIE
Breads with pockets PITAS
Circus performers up high TRAPEZISTS
City where ships dock PORT
Common conclusion of a 31 Across ORELSE
Conclude END
Devoured ATEUP
Door-hanging hardware HINGE
Drains of energy SAPS
Eating grass in a meadow GRAZING
Epic poem by Homer ILIAD
Erupted BLEW
Film studio stages SETS
Forbidden thing TABOO
Fortified royal residence CASTLE
From India or Indonesia ASIAN
Get-together, from the French RENDEZVOUS
Hour after noon ONE
Jack or joker CARD
Jai __ (court game) ALAI
Large coffee machines URNS
Legendary Western outlaw __ James JESSE
Makes a wager BETS
Male cats or turkeys TOMS
Many Eastern Europeans SLAVS
Model of perfection IDEAL
Mom’s sisters AUNTS
Muppets creator Henson JIM
Neighborhood food shop DELI
Not doing anything IDLE
Now __ then (occasionally) AND
Object of admiration IDOL
Old saying ADAGE
Old-time oath EGAD
Paper-cup container for vending machines DISPENSER
Parcel (out) METE
Past the deadline LATE
Pilfered STOLE
Pro __ (proportionally) RATA
Pt. opposite WSW ENE
Pub beverages ALES
Quick flash GLINT
Recycling container BIN
Resign one’s job QUIT
Return to earth, as a plane LAND
Roofing substance TAR
Self-centered VAIN
Slight advantage EDGE
Source of ancient fables AESOP
Squishy, as paper towels SQUEEZABLE
Started a poker hand over REDEALT
Tacked on ADDED
Test score GRADE
Tip of a comet TAIL
Uncompromising demand ULTIMATUM
Unfurnished BARE
Unwanted plant WEED
Very capable ADEPT
Very fussy fiancée BRIDEZILLA
When planes are due in: Abbr ETAS
Where Accra is capital GHANA
Wild animal’s home LAIR
Wild guess STAB
Window material GLASS
Young girl LASS