– Sep 14 2018

Clues Answers
”Good old” land USOFA
”Power” break NAP
”So relaxing!” AAH
”Wizard of Oz” sound CAW
”You’re not the only one” SOAMI
’90s German leader KOHL
Anagram of ”enraged” ANGERED
Arm cover SLEEVE
Austen novel EMMA
Author of 16/57 Across HENRYFIELDING
BBC setting GMT
Be short OWE
Bedeck ADORN
Bone to the knee FEMUR
Brats and knocks WURST
Buyback agreements, for short REPOS
Cause to freeze STOPDEAD
Composer for ”Lord of the Rings” ENYA
Compulsion URGE
Dissenting vote NAY
Dodge brothers’ contemporary FORD
Draw __ in the sand ALINE
Dutch philosopher SPINOZA
Enter gradually SEEPIN
Factor in B-school admission GPA
Failing that ELSE
Food truck fare TACOS
Football helmet feature EARHOLE
Hot state IRE
Inserted, with ”in” FED
Intent AIM
It’s akin to Hindi URDU
Jacques-__ Cousteau YVES
Jam-packed DENSE
Language that gave us ”reindeer” NORSE
Load for some barges ORE
Mindful AWARE
Monitor of old CRT
More often than not USUALLY
Mule’s father ASS
No nickname for Satchmo LOU
Not shaken or stirred UNFAZED
Off-the-cuff SNAP
One of two in ”Don Giovanni” ACT
Pelican State sch LSU
Philosophy ISM
Pies, in slapstick films AMMO
Poky, in brand names SLO
Québec article UNE
Rachel on ”Glee” LEA
Really move ZOOM
Residents, for instance: Abbr MDS
Roadhouse INN
Rode with rude remarks TAUNTED
Rubberneck GAWK
Sends regrets, perhaps RSVPS
Shape of a slingshot WYE
Shaw’s Cockney heroine ELIZA
Show-biz superlative BOFFO
Sleek, for short AERO
Sound on MacDonald’s farm MOO
Specialized vocabularies LINGOES
Spring month in Mexico MAYO
Strong suit ARMOR
Stumblebums OAFS
Thundering AROAR
Tiger weapon FANG
Tiniest bit IOTA
Trade blockage EMBARGO
Unfortunate turns REVERSES
Univ. research supporter NSF
Unnamed individual ONE
Unsettle JAR
Waste time LOAF
What many beachgoers walk on SANDALS
With 57 Across, Brit lit classic THEHISTORYOFTOM

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