Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 15 2018

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Clues Answers
”A New Storm Against Imperialism” writer MAO
”I’ll pass” NAH, UHUH
”La mesa __ servida” (”Dinner!”) ESTA
”Oedipus Rex” dramatist SOPHOCLES
”To write is to write is to write . . .” writer STEIN
A joyful noise AAH
A possible winner INIT
Bobolink cousins ORIOLES
Book with reminiscences of Heinlein and Clarke IASIMOV
Booming in the extreme DEEPEST
Brand made from calcium carbonate and sugar TUMS
Brownie uniform part SKORT
Cache, with ”away” SALT
Certain ”coups de grĂ¢ce” KOS
Doesn’t catch on FLOPS
Don’t bet on it NAG
Dorm room refreshments AIRINGS, SODAS
Driving-home reward RBI
Elvis, as of 11/27/58 PFC
Evert employer since 2011 ESPN
Exploit DEALIN
Field of Drs. Fleming and Watson BIOL
Flamboyant leap DUNK
Freudian life force EROS
Give in to itchy feet ROVE
Gives in, perhaps SAYSOK
Goddess evoked in ”The Magic Flute” ISIS
GrubHub data: Abbr HRS
It has Lake Plains and Appalachian Plateaus OHIO
It holds ”The Divine Comedy” illustrated by Botticelli VATICANLIBRARY
Keats’ ”cyder-press” ode TOAUTUMN
Knotty, at first SILENTK
Literally, ”foaming” SPUMANTE
Clues Answers
Mail-order notation SHIPTO
Master of the familiar CAPTAINOBVIOUS
Measures for gray areas? IQS
Minor planet beyond Pluto SEDNA
Modern __ ERA
Mystified ATALOSS
Not carefully INHASTE
Not distracted ONTASK
Of throwbacks ATAVISTIC
One working on a motorcycle SPEEDCOP
Ornamental cactus RATTAIL
Overly formal STILTED
Place with closely monitored monitors ICU
Preceder/ender of ”a” MANO
Preoccupy POSSESS
Rattler in candy-aisle tins ALTOID
Restrictive qualification PROVISO
Sea, for short MED
Shelter posting BUSROUTE
Social-media attribution HATTIP
Spotify, in 2018 IPO
Starting from, on some signs EST
The answer is blowin’ in the wind VANE
The March equinox occurs in it PISCES
They help warm the surface of Mars CIRRI
Typical visitor RVER
Upstage CAP
Victoria, to her predecessor NIECE
Want ad abbr ASST
Wearables GARB
What Brits call ”chimneypieces” MANTELS
What manual readers have learned? ASL
What Rowling learned at Exeter LATIN
Where St. Paul wrote an Epistle GALATIA
__ axel (figure skating coup) QUAD