– Sep 17 2018

Clues Answers
”Santa __ Is Coming to Town” CLAUS
”Wherefore art __ Romeo?” THOU
”You __ to know better” OUGHT
A Great Lake ERIE
After-bath wear ROBE
Allow LET
AM/FM device RADIO
Assist in a crime ABET
Astound AMAZE
Astronauts’ org NASA
At that time THEN
Be behind the wheel STEER
Beagle or boxer DOG
Beijing’s country CHINA
Boulders STONES
Bowler’s target PIN
Brief and to the point TERSE
Bronze medalist’s position THIRD
Clothes-pressing appliance IRON
CNN founder Turner TED
Consumed for dinner ATE
Corncobs EARS
Couch SOFA
Deputized group in westerns POSSE
Diarist __ Frank ANNE
Drags around LUGS
Elevate LIFT
Empty spaces GAPS
Explosive initials TNT
German auto AUDI
Gets a look at SEES
Ginger cookie SNAP
Group of performers in a play CAST
Hand-cleaning bar SOAP
Has sore muscles ACHES
Improved, as wine AGED
Leave in a hurry FLEE
Lists of candidates SLATES
Live and breathe EXIST
McIntosh and Delicious fruits APPLES
Medium or extra-large SIZE
Military medal recipient HERO
Money in one’s wallet CASH
Most Saudis ARABS
Neighborhood AREA
One next for the throne HEIR
Orders for dinner HAS
Person on a return address SENDER
Pests in a pantry ANTS
Piano adjuster TUNER
Plow-pulling bovines OXEN
Prefix meaning ”against” ANTI
Prepared for baking, as flour SIFTED
Remarkable thing LULU
Require NEED
Roads that cross aves., often STS
Rope loop NOOSE
Showery forecast RAIN
Skirt fold PLEAT
Slight, as chances SLIM
Small visible portion TIPOFTHEICEBERG
Snake’s sound HISS
Something very stylish HEIGHTOFFASHION
Takes to court SUES
Tease with mean comments TAUNT
Teheran’s country IRAN
Thickly packed DENSE
Top-billed performer STAR
Traditional Irish A.M. greeting TOPOFTHEMORNING
Tree with cones PINE
Twosomes PAIRS
Vaults in some walls SAFES
Wide belt SASH
__ and blood (kin) FLESH
__ dish (potatoes or rice) SIDE

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