– Sep 18 2018

Clues Answers
”Ceiling” room cooler FAN
”To err is __” HUMAN
”What __, a mind reader?” AMI
52, in Roman numerals LII
Already in use TAKEN
Anger IRE
Angry SORE
Babies’ beds CRIBS
Baseball great Ripken CAL
Beer steins MUGS
Belittles ABASES
Bert’s Muppet pal ERNIE
Bit of parsley SPRIG
Butter __ (nutty ice cream flavor) PECAN
By way of VIA
Cape Canaveral org NASA
Chinese restaurant grain RICE
Climbing plants like ivies VINES
Clumsy ones OAFS
Coconut-custard holders PIEPANS
Cruel person MEANIE
Deceive, informally CON
Drs.’ org AMA
Emerald or ruby GEM
End-of-game summary RECAP
Exploring the ocean with tanks on your back SCUBADIVING
Feel bad about REGRET
Fill up your tank PUMPGAS
Firehouse warning signals ALARMS
Fridge’s cube producer ICEMAKER
Fruit-filled pastries TARTS
Garbed like a judge ROBED
Gin __ (card game) RUMMY
Gliders on snow SLEDS
Harbor cities PORTS
Have being EXIST
Immense Pacific Ocean wave TSUNAMI
In addition AND
Investigated thoroughly VETTED
Knee-to-ankle bone TIBIA
Large vases URNS
Lessens EASES
Line on a list ITEM
London’s land: Abbr ENG
Luau dances HULAS
Luau instrument, for short UKE
Lumberjack’s implement AXE
Midterm or final exam TEST
Monarch’s domain REALM
Most annoying PESKIEST
Nothing at all NIL
Of the sun SOLAR
Oil cartel OPEC
Once __ blue moon INA
Payments from tenants RENTS
President in 2015 OBAMA
Quote as a source CITE
Raggedy doll ANN
Reply to ANSWER
Riding waves on a board propelled by air WINDSURFING
Rub roughly CHAFE
Sharp knock on the door RAP
Sheet worn by Caesar TOGA
Sign of things to come OMEN
Skimming the surface while pulled by a boat WATERSKIING
Soaring through the air while tethered to a motorboat PARASAILING
Soft metal in pewter TIN
Sooty shaft above a fireplace CHIMNEY
The devil SATAN
Thomas who wrote ”Common Sense” PAINE
Uncooked RAW
Urban thoroughfares: Abbr STS
Winter clock setting in L.A PST
Without assistance ALONE
Yale student ELI
__ Kringle KRIS
__ mater ALMA
__ wet (completely soaked) SOPPING

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