– Sep 19 2018

Clues Answers
”If __ you . . .” IWERE
”Sad to say . . .” ALAS
”The weekend at last!” TGIF
1983 Streisand film YENTL
Action figures, essentially DOLLS
Appears to be LOOKS
Authorization to take into custody ARRESTWARRANT
Auto’s wheel guard FENDER
Ballot caster VOTER
Bent out of shape WARPED
Biblical song PSALM
Blueprints PLANS
Camera lens setting FSTOP
Christmas season decoration MISTLETOE
Church services MASSES
Classic Italian ”farewell” song ARRIVEDERCIROMA
Decorate ADORN
Donkeys ASSES
Feeling annoyed IRRITATED
Feeling gloomy SAD
Folded Mexican munchies TACOS
Former ”Tonight Show” host LENO
Frees (of) RIDS
From the neighborhood LOCAL
Full collection SET
Hair stylist’s goop GEL
Hawaiian port HILO
Hefty horn TUBA
Hotter than cold WARM
Industrial mogul CZAR
James of ”The Godfather” CAAN
Legal excuse ALIBI
Lunch or brunch MEAL
Mediterranean fruits FIGS
Mideast seasoned rice PILAF
Military chaplain PADRE
Move swiftly ZIP
Napper’s noise SNORE
New Delhi’s nation INDIA
New Haven collegian ELI
Not __ of roses (unpleasant) ABED
Oath affirmation IDO
Of punishment PENAL
Once around the track LAP
Pasta like penne ZITI
Pea holders PODS
Picnic side dish SLAW
Purring pet CAT
Relay-race stick BATON
Roman moon goddess LUNA
Roughly ORSO
Royal headgear CROWN
Scratch up MAR
Ship’s freight CARGO
Smart-alecky SASSY
Spanish chicken/rice dish ARROZCONPOLLO
Sputter out FIZZLE
Staircase surface STEP
Steer clear of SHUN
Thin parts of goblets STEMS
To no __ (in vain) AVAIL
Took advantage of USED
Untrustworthy one RAT
Upper-crust group ELITE
Urban air pollution SMOG
Verified an age, in a bar IDED
Vestige TRACE
Wanders around ROVES
Was fond of LIKED
World Cup cheer OLE
Writer of praiseful poems ODIST
Yellow tropical fruit PAPAYA
Zeus or Athena GOD

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