Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 2 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
”Understood” ISEE
Airborne picnic pest FLY
Anderson Cooper network CNN
App developers’ customers USERS
Arbor Day planting TREE
Auto rental for a prom LIMO
Baby grand, for instance PIANO
Be boastful BRAG
Be ecstatic (over) SWOON
Be usable for a long time LAST
Bibliography list ender ETAL
Border lines EDGES
Bowling targets PINS
British actor Idris ELBA
Broadcasts AIRS
Burden ONUS
Carve into, as lettering ETCH
Cereal grains OATS
Civil War prez ABE
Cobbler’s ”patient” SHOE
Competent ABLE
Cousin of cologne PERFUME
Cruise ship LINER
Dealing with an issue ONIT
Do dusting and vacuuming CLEAN
False statement LIE
Foamy coffee LATTE
French head TETE
Ground-bound picnic pest ANT
Gusting frequently WINDY
Hawaiian garlands LEIS
Head gesture NOD
Initialism of urgency ASAP
Initials for home projects DIY
Japanese robes KIMONOS
Jealous feeling ENVY
Keep entertained AMUSE
Kind of ski lift TBAR
Kitchen thing with strings APRON
Least certain IFFIEST
Lion’s comment ROAR
Long-armed beast APE
Management body BOARD
Maximally MOST
Musk of Tesla ELON
New Delhi dress SARI
Nonprescription: Abbr OTC
Oscar or Tony AWARD
Paid to play poker ANTED
Physicians’ org AMA
Poetic ”before” ERE
Portions of butter PATS
Prescription amount DOSE
Puck or checker DISC
Republican’s opponent: Abbr DEM
Requirements NEEDS
Resort with hot tubs SPA
Sci-fi saucer, for short UFO
Second to __ (the best) NONE
Shuts down ENDS
Small number ONE
Solo for a basso ARIA
Spherical cartography GLOBE
Spruce up, as a manuscript EDIT
Stay __ (don’t move) PUT
Stylishly flashy, for short GLAM
Tales of yore LORE
Train station datum: Abbr ETA
Unseal OPEN
Up in the sky ALOFT
Very long time spans EONS
What’s spoken in Barcelona SPANISH
__ Quincy Adams JOHN