– Sep 20 2018

Clues Answers
”A Fish Called Wanda” star KLINE
”Jasmine” side dish RICE
”Law & Order” characters DAS
”Little” suffix in music INA
”M*A*S*H” procedure TRIAGE
”You should try that” NICEIDEA
All the time, in odes OFT
Be deserving of RATE
Beethoven’s Third EROICA
Big name in sci-fi novels ASIMOV
Breach RIFT
Bring up REAR
Capitale europea ROMA
Category ILK
Certain undercover cop NARC
Classy quality GRACE
Contemporary of Piper CESSNA
Craig’s boss in ”Casino Royale” DENCH
Delighted by INTO
Despicable character CUR
Dire straits PERIL
Disclosed IMPARTED
Divulge BARE
Do up-in-the-air acrobatics SKYSURF
Early afternoon ONE
Elemental bits ATOMS
Eminent FAMED
Enjoys, with ”in” BASKS
Eroded ATE
Exercise based on martial arts TAEBO
Gate expectations: Abbr ETDS
German industrial city ESSEN
Go ashore LAND
Grandson of Eve ENOS
Hard to comprehend DEEP
Hosiery shade NUDE
Iditarod participant SLEDDOG
Inlet, for instance RECESS
Invite to dinner ASKOUT
Isle near Naples CAPRI
Late-night host Meyers SETH
Long stories SAGAS
Low pair DEUCES
Make a slip ERR
Money maker PRO
Murmur complaints MUTTER
Nightmarish SCARY
One of two quarterback brothers ELI
Page of history ERA
Paltry sum SOU
Pencil holders, at times EARS
Photo PIC
Pre-noon hrs AMS
Quiche ingredients EGGS
Quiche, essentially PIE
Red Muppet ELMO
Remorseful* APOLOGETIC
S&L offerings IRAS
See 60 Across YOU
Send forth EMIT
Senior member DEAN
Sense offense REEK
Social standing, for short REP
Swiss surrealist KLEE
Syrian __ Republic ARAB
Systematized knowledge SCIENCE
Trade org ASSN
Tropical fruits COCONUTS
Unbelieving nature* SKEPTICISM
Unforgiving SEVERE
Unfriendly INIMICAL
Well-being HEALTH
What a laser is often aimed at UPC
What can precede the three starred answers PSEUDO
Whirlpool sister brand MAYTAG
With 62 Across, a question of confirmation ARE
Year after Y2K MMI

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