Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 21 2018

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Clues Answers
”I’m flummoxed” NOIDEA
”Odd Couple” role UNGER
2 Down, formerly ESSO
39 Down protector HATBOX
Alternating current advocate TESLA
Annual ”31 Days of Oscar” airer TCM
Apt to share one’s feelings OPEN
Backslide REGRESS
Battle it out VIE
Blass contemporary BEENE
Boys and men HES
Care managers HMOS
Current D.C. setting EST
Davis with two Oscars BETTE
Deep spaces ABYSSES
Ecto- opposite ENDO
Eurasian chain URALS
Except possibly UNLESS
Fabric flaw RIP
Fedora lookalike TRILBY
Filled (in) or crossed (out) XED
Film spoofing ”Star Trek” GALAXYQUEST
Fluffy threesome EFS
Food for guinea pigs HAY
Footnote abbr ETSEQ
Form with itemized deductions SCHEDULEA
Frat letter TAU
Free-bird connection ASA
From back to front INREVERSE
From birth NATAL
Gas giant EXXON
Handle appropriately SEETO
HBO rival SHO
Henri’s existence ETRE
In harmony ASONE
Iron, in Austria EISEN
It means ”more or less” ISH
JD’s designation ESQ
Lackluster TEPID
Lucite alias PLEXIGLAS
Marie Curie’s Nobelist daughter IRENE
Mother of Isaac SARAH
NATO member since 2009 CROATIA
Neighborhood with bodegas BARRIO
Novelist Rendell RUTH
Obstacle to humility EGO
Old-fashioned outburst EGAD
Org. employing air marshals TSA
Our, to Renoir NOTRE
PC bookmark URL
Penetrate ENTER
Personal preferences TASTES
Pietro’s ”No problem” PREGO
Precarious UNSAFE
Press conference phrase NEXTQUESTION
Put forth EXERT
Retired NBAer Ming YAO
Right-angled pipe ELL
Seascape hue AQUA
Seed protector POD
Snail without a shell SEASLUG
Stepped all over TRODON
Taco chip dip QUESO
Tea-leaf readers SEERS
Tightens (up) TENSES
To-watch list for many millions NETFLIXQUEUE
Trade restriction of a sort EXPORTQUOTA
Turn away SPURN
Use a chisel on wood ETCH
What’s put up at a shutout NORUNS
When an EMT is due at the ER ETA
Worth keeping OFUSE
Wreck RUIN