Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 22 2018

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Clues Answers
”About-face!” source SARGE
”Ten Commandments” setting SINAI
”The Unruly Hare” antagonist ELMER
’50s performance partner of Presley PERKINS
’90s diet with menu cards DEALAMEAL
18+ points, to librarians LARGEPRINT
18-time NBA All-Star BRYANT
About-face UTURN
Anderson Cooper, at 20 ELI
Any clipper HER
Barracuda cousin MARLIN
Bart’s first words AYCARAMBA
Call for leniency, say PLEA
Calvin Coolidge, by birth VERMONTER
Childhood inspiration for Bradbury POE
City north of Vegas ELY
Common cold reaction BRR
Cuban Missile Crisis tactic BLOCKADE
DC designation GOP
Exhibits HAS
Express indignation SNORT
Flavor enhancers AROMAS
French wine, familiarly CAB
G7 attendee last June ABE
G7 attendees last June MACRONS
Help for morale BOOST
His works mark the start of modern art MANET
Hung in there KEPTATIT
Hurried flight LAM
Inflatable immobilizer AIRSPLINT
Less than straight SLY
Metaphor for disorder RATSNEST
Name on Artesano Bread packages SARA
Name-day honorees: Abbr STS
On the run SCATTING
One of Washington’s major generals GREENE
Originally, greetings for loved ones SERENADES
Paper that requires reporting SUBPOENA
Part of a Santa suit REDHAT
Picks up or has down GETS
Place for a camera, often EYELEVEL
Prefix for port CAR
Probationer’s problem, perhaps DAVERAGE
Pronom fran├žais MES
Queen __ BEE
Reebok has made them since 1987 AVIAS
Royal announcement EDICT
Running back, at times RUSHER
Saver of fable ANT
Sets straight ERECTS
Slangy sound of commerce KACHING
Some state-licensed drivers EMTS
Southwestern souvenir KACHINA
Standard Oil’s first stock-in-trade KEROSENE
Stuck until a thaw ICEDIN
Subject of a 2012 Supreme Court decision OBAMACARE
Surrounded BESET
Symbol of five states MAPLETREE
The earliest synthetic fibers ORLONS
The Wheat State, for short KAN
Took a course ATE
Tourist stop RESTAREA
Track + slots RACINO
Unpleasant sharpness ACRIDITY
Vancouver Isl. setting PST
Venerable rainwear brand MACKINTOSH
Very short time HEARTBEAT
Weigh carefully ASSESS
With very little sugar, on some labels SEC