– Sep 25 2018

Clues Answers
”Credit or __?” DEBIT
”Filet” fish SOLE
”For Pete’s __!” SAKE
”Hi,” in Hawaii ALOHA
”It’s my turn” IMUP
”Small world, __ it?” ISNT
”Without further __ . . .” ADO
”You’re it!” game TAG
A scratch or a dent DAMAGE
All finished, as a meal EATEN
And so on ETCETERA
Barbie or Ken DOLL
Batch of laundry LOAD
Before, in poems ERE
Blender setting for baby food PUREE
Boat that’s paddled CANOE
Boxer’s weapons FISTS
Cabbage salad SLAW
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Chest muscles, for short PECS
Coffee alternative TEA
Computer screen images ICONS
Cow’s comment MOO
Direct attention to INDICATE
Durable trousers material CHINO
Erie or Huron LAKE
Faithful follower DISCIPLE
Feeling blue SAD
Flattered to excess LAIDITON
Gas in lighted signs NEON
Gem without defects FLAWLESSDIAMOND
Generic dog name FIDO
Hair salon goo MOUSSE
In danger ATRISK
Industrial mogul CZAR
Instruct TEACH
Internet hotspot connection WIFI
Join a choir, say SING
Jousting weapon LANCE
Jungle king LION
Just barely beat EDGE
Lambs’ mothers EWES
Leaves out OMITS
Loosen, as a knot UNDO
Match made in heaven IDEALCOUPLE
Moral code ETHIC
Operatic solo ARIA
Opposite of WSW ENE
Package of paper REAM
Part of the eye IRIS
Pay increase RAISE
Person known for wisdom SAGE
Photo of the photographer SELFIE
Pitcher’s dream outing PERFECTGAME
Place for rouge CHEEK
Poker player’s ”pass” NOBET
Pretentious LADIDA
Pub beverage ALE
Racetrack shape OVAL
Radio, TV, etc MEDIA
Respiratory organ LUNG
Roof overhang EAVE
Scratch or dent MAR
Servings of corn EARS
Sits for a portrait POSES
Slight obstacle SNAG
Slightest bit IOTA
Snoozing ASLEEP
Stage accessory PROP
Tear down RAZE
Tenant’s payment RENT
Theater production PLAY
Throw with force FLING
Two-band, as a radio AMFM
Vicinity AREA
What visors shade EYES
Women’s links org LPGA
__-in-a-million (rare) ONE

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