– Sep 26 2018

Clues Answers
”Big Blue” computer company IBM
”For __ a jolly good fellow” HES
”Spoiled” kid BRAT
”Steady as __ goes” SHE
1.5- or nine-__ battery VOLT
5/6 of a dozen TEN
Alfa __ (Italian auto) ROMEO
Base-clearing hits HOMERS
Be persistent KEEPATIT
Build, as a building ERECT
Bullfight cheers OLES
Cab-fare calculators METERS
Colorful parrots MACAWS
Cream of the crop ELITE
Des Moines’ state IOWA
Did battle with HADAT
Fannie __ (mortgage agency) MAE
Farmland measure ACRE
Film-set boss DIRECTOR
Fortune-tellers SEERS
Garfield’s canine pal ODIE
Gradually lessen ABATE
Griffin of game shows MERV
Gym surfaces MATS
Hayloft bundle BALE
Heading of a chore list TODO
Horse’s sound WHINNY
Industrialist Perot HROSS
Jogger’s pace TROT
Lawn burrowers MOLES
Lent a hand AIDED
Lorna of literature and cookies DOONE
Maker of PlayStation game systems SONY
Makeup mishap SMEAR
Maritime distress signal SOS
Memorable times ERAS
Molecule part ATOM
Negative Senate votes NAYS
Neighborhoods AREAS
Nevada casino city RENO
Newcomer on the job HIREE
Papas’ partners MAMAS
Pigpen STY
Poe’s first name EDGAR
Prefix for freeze ANTI
Rope loop NOOSE
Sharp point on some farm fences BARB
Sign up ENROL
Small ship BOAT
Sounded like a crow CAWED
Sounds of satisfaction AAHS
Spooky EERIE
Start of assembly instructions STEPONE
State-run numbers game LOTTO
Strong craving URGE
Teeming (with) RIFE
Teheran’s country IRAN
They’re spun by spiders WEBS
Time off for federal employees NATIONALHOLIDAY
Time off for grade schoolers SUMMERVACATION
Time off for new dads PATERNITYLEAVE
Towel fabric TERRY
Tubular sandwich HERO
Unpleasant aroma ODOR
Vanderbilt of etiquette AMY
Waterfall CASCADE
Weed-chopping garden tools HOES
Went by plane FLEW
When planes are due to leave: Abbr ETDS
Workplaces for surgeons: Abbr ORS
Young cartoon explorer DORA
__ apso (dog breed) LHASA
__ dish (potato or rice) SIDE
__ Monte (Green Giant competitor) DEL

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