Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 27 2018

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Clues Answers
”The Prince of Tides” actor NOLTE
A question of procedure HOW
Accused’s out ALIBI
Arabian royals SHEIKS
Barn baby, perhaps OWLET
Beat it LEAVE
Berry in some smoothies ACAI
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Buying and selling TRADE
Chain offering wordless assembly manuals IKEA
Chestnut-colored horse ROAN
Cloister residents NUNS
Common mixer SODAWATER
Computer animator’s deg BFA
Constantly NOEND
Cooperation obstacles EGOS
Creole cooking staple OKRA
Daily paper fare LOCALNEWS
Dark clouds, to some OMEN
Discouraging word DONT
Ear feature LOBE
Erstwhile Swedish automaker SAAB
Fall off ABATE
First issue of business ITEMONE
Firstborn ELDEST
Flash drive designation USB
Former funds of Florence LIRE
Gala event FETE
Got room service, say ATEIN
Grandson of Adam ENOS
Indonesian tourist island BALI
International news agency REUTERS
Iranian language FARSI
Jai __ ALAI
Japanese breakfast soup MISO
Juice box attachment STRAW
Kingly address SIRE
Large quantity ALOT, TON
Led off OPENED
Major mess SNAFU
Make stuff up LIE
Makes keener HONES
Nash of nonsense verse OGDEN
Not a part of it OMITTED
Oil-drilling equipment RIG
Old-time pet name DEARIE
Old-time poet BARD
Oriole color ORANGE
Parting comment IHAVETOGO
Rhinestones DIAMANTES
Safari park beast RHINO
Secondhand USED
See who’s faster RACE
She gives us songs, not souffl├ęs ANITABAKER
She produced cookbooks, not crops FANNIEFARMER
She works with performers, not passengers MINNIEDRIVER
Slurpee alternatives ICEES
Some Coast Guard officers ENSIGNS
Speculation starter WHATIF
Texas A&M student AGGIE
Toaster waffle brand EGGO
Top-tier ELITE
Traveled on RODE
Unbudging FIRM
Unprocessed RAW
Vaselike vessel EWER
Very dark, in verse EBON
Was comparable to RIVALED
What 47 Down starts with LONGI
What’s left REST
Wisecrack JAPE
Yankee who delivers hits, not writs AARONJUDGE