– Sep 28 2018

Clues Answers
”Big” request, informally ASK
Accomplished aviator ACE
Anagram of MY CAR CAMRY
Ariel Sharon predecessor BARAK
Awestruck AGOG
Bar round BEERS
Brown cat’s origin SIAM
Catalog sheet ORDERFORM
Certain Blue Cross client HMOMEMBER
City named for women and trees ANNARBOR
City near Des Moines AMES
Cord around a bale TWINE
Cover for a crime ALIBI
Deg. for some curators MFA
Depend (on) HINGE
Deplete gradually ERODE
Do over, as a bow RETIE
Drilling expert: Abbr DDS
Dumas dueler PORTHOS
Erstwhile sporty Ford TBIRD
Extreme self-involvement EGOISM
Family members SIBS
Forest’s Oscar role IDI
Frat letter RHO
Friend of Doc and Bat WYATT
Gandhi, for one HINDU
Gas bill measure THERM
Get-well program REHAB
Green garnish SPRIGS
Hand-drying substance ROSIN
Hardly ever spotted RARE
Hungarian master composer BARTOK
Install, with ”up” RIG
Island visited by Captain Cook KAUAI
John Major successor BLAIR
Layer of haze SMOG
Military group AMMO
Military group ARMY
Moves suddenly DARTS
Needlework need YARN
Neurology test: Abbr EEG
Non-news page OPED
Not as fresh OLDER
Now up RISEN
NY tech school RPI
Putin, circa 1985 KGBAGENT
Reckon wrongly ERR
Santa Claus in ”Elf” ASNER
Sitcom starring a country singer REBA
Special group ELITE
Tarot card category ARCANA
Tart mart BAKERY
Things to eat or drink RYES
Trash talk SLURS
Trattoria staple MARINARA
Trattoria staple MEATBALLS
Trig ratios SINES
Trucker’s place CAB
Turbulent STORMY
Uncivilized BARBARIAN
Victor at Gettysburg MEADE
Villainous sci-fi title DARTH
Wagering venue, for short OTB
Want nothing to do with ABHOR
Was the agent for BROKERED
Wide-eyed witness GAWKER
With 39 and 56 Across, how a Tory and a pundit might differ in decisiveness THERESAMAY
Word on 28 Down license plates ALOHA

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