– Sep 29 2018

Clues Answers
”A time to” verb in Ecclesiastes SEW
”With a little luck” ONECANHOPE
”___ language is never invented”: Tolkien AREAL
29-nation emblem NATOFLAG
Aristotle wrote about his animals AESOP
Balance checkers, briefly ENTS
Boom alternative KABLOOEY
Cannes contraction MSIEUR
Checks HALTS
Checks for slips EDITS
Chem-lab conclusion ANE
Contemporary of Dean and Brando CLIFT
Crab-leg complement TEN
Director of Crowe in his Oscar role SCOTT
DuPont merger partner DOW
Early releases BETAS
East Asia Summit participant LAOS
Feather __ BOA
Fee for all ANTE
Force seen in Spider-Man films NYPD
Fragment or fight SCRAP
Frat letter CHI
Get credit OPENATAB
Group ranked by CNNMoney OILTYCOONS
Guy working on campaigns ADMAN
Harlequinesque COMIC
Harvard was the first to offer it MBA
He fires Hamilton in ”Hamilton” ADAMS
In tandem TEAMED
Iniquities VICES
It’s not far from Turin ASTI
Kid-lit intro since 1960 IAMSAM
Kitty, for one FUND
Leader of the Trojans HECTOR
Less than perfect OFF
Line of some letters SERIF
Metaphor for the talkative MOTOR
Mississippi constituents DOTS
Name derived from a roarer LEON
Not thrown by ONTO
Notice in the distance DESCRY
Numero molto piccolo UNO
Oath invoked by Pope YEGODS
Oriental Avenue neighbor READINGRAILROAD
Pastries served with chutney SAMOSAS
Popular pancake topping BANANA
Recompense AMENDS
Recurring theme IDEEFIXE
Remote letters VOL
Rest (on) LEAN
Roller coaster restraint BAR
Runs or saves STAT
Salsa-like TOMATOEY
Setting for a Monet ”Morning” SEINE
Sheepish RUEFUL
So far, for short YTD
Sport using scoring circuits EPEE
Stamping grounds? MINTS
Start a new occupation RESETTLE
Subject of Nobel experiments NITRO
Tony Soprano’s analyst MELFI
Trash talk TAUNT
Unsubscribe OPTOUT
Vehicles assembled for future use IRAS
Viceroy on takeout menus TSO
With us ALONG
Word from the Latin for ”small knife” CUTLASS
X-factors IFS
__ turn STAR

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