Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 3 2020 Crosswords Answers

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Clues Answers
”Dos” cubed OCHO
”We won’t be bartending” BYOB
”__ went well” THAT
33 Across season YULE
Addendum of uncertainty ORNOT
Adoption org ASPCA
All those in favor AYES
Ambient detection ODOR
Ancient Mongolian menace HUN
Battery pole ANODE
Big accumulation MASS
Birth of a notion SEED
Bit of ash CINDER
Capital of Eritrea ASMARA
Catamaran needs SAILS
Clapton of rock ERIC
College team PROFS
Common middle name ANN
Communicating with followers TWEETING
Convey SEND
Discontinues ENDS
Ducklings’ dads DRAKES
Finally taking it seriously GETTINGRELIGION
Go across TRAVERSE
Good cholesterol HDL
Hand sanitizer ingredient ALOE
Handled canvas TOTE
Heavy metal LEAD
Hotel offerings SUITES
Irreparable SHOT
It might be due NORTH
It’s made to be underfoot PEDAL
Japanese footwear brand ASICS
Land measure ACRE
Leafy veggie KALE
Liking very much INTO
Lounge around LOLL
Marshy inlet BAYOU
Metaphors, for instance FIGURESOFSPEECH
Monies owed DEBTS
Needs to slow down SAGS
New staffer HIREE
NFL successes TDS
Obscures CLOUDS
One of the Coen brothers ETHAN
PC support pro TECH
Pleasant ditties LILTS
Point taken by typographers DOT
Pollen holder PISTIL
Prefix for physical ASTRO
Prepares SETSUP
Press for URGE
Run away FLEE
School near the Thames ETON
Shade of blue SLATE
Slick in consistency OILY
Social media reprobate TROLL
Sonar sound PING
Song often sung in the snow CAROL
Sorority letter PSI
Sound of judgment WISE
South Asian wrap SARI
Starting ASOF
Stones for a walkway PAVERS
Things in a janitor closet MOPS
Throw in ADD
Type of govt. security TNOTE
UK corporate notation LTD
Under oath SWORN
Understood KNEW
Weasel family member SABLE
Web enterprises ETAIL
Where eagles are prized GOLF
Winter recreation gear SKIS
Young chaps LADS