Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 4 2020 Crossword Answers

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Clues Answers
#1 pal, lately BFF
”I am a __ first of all”: Nin WOMAN
”Think nothing of it” GLADTO
”What a ride!” WHEE
”What You Want Wid Bess?”, for one ARIA
100 __ in __ TILESSCRABBLE
A Congo is its newest member OPEC
A question of confirmation ISITTRUE
Alley arrangement TENPINS
Alpine wild goat IBEX
Apt to brag SMUG
Atmospheric prefix AER
Beverage with osso buco VINO
Bob singing ”Night Moves” SEGER
Bodybuilder’s pride LATS
Bone of contention in arm wrestling ULNA
Breakfast cylindroid LINK
Certain raving writers ODISTS
Coming together UNION
Command to a canine HEEL
Communally ASONE
Dickensian narrator PIP
Emulate a crook FLEX
Explorer Tasman ABEL
Exposition setting ACTI
ExxonMobil brand ESSO
Fully ALL
Furry fish eaters OTTERS
Game for little sluggers TBALL
General __ chicken TSOS
Instance CASE
Inviting a slap RUDE
Large trailer puller SEMI
List shortener ETAL
Master-to-be’s hurdle GRE
Melted cheese, on nachos GLOB
Military incursions OPS
Old Testament prophet EZRA
Opposite of ”no rush” ASAP
Outlet channel FLUE
Parting words BYES
Pickets for fences PALING
Prepare for ice skating LACEUP
Regatta craft SLOOP
Region bordering Tuscany UMBRIA
Resembling ALA
Rubber-strand toy sphere KOOSH
See 51 Across REST
Shade of purple PUCE
Shrinking superhero ANTMAN
Slip about money CHIT
Slip about money IOU
Small dance troupe TRIO
Sock fabric LISLE
Socks on the head BOPS
Soup server TUREEN
Spanish ”this” ESTO
Start of a spelling clarification ASIN
Sticking point BARB
Stop on the ocean AVAST
Successful student LEARNER
Supply chain service UPS
The latest arrivals NEWIES
They’re weaselly SNEAKS
Three-orb alignments SYZYGIES
Tolkien’s novelist pal CSLEWIS
Trails behind LAGS
TV pro bono ad PSA
Unavailable (please wait) INUSE
Vinylphiles flip for it BSIDE
With ”to” and 26 Down, pacify SET