– Sep 5 2018

Clues Answers
”Follow the __” (”Wizard of Oz” instruction) YELLOWBRICKROAD
A few of SOME
Accepts TAKES
Actor Sean PENN
Apple or pear POME
Architect I.M PEI
Art on an arm, for short TAT
Artist’s stand EASEL
Aussie bird EMU
Author unknown: Abbr ANON
Barbecue grill brand WEBER
Barely manage EKEOUT
Beauty parlor SALON
Castle-building material STONE
Censoring sound BLEEP
Church donation of 10% TITHE
Clue for a hound SCENT
Clues for hounds ODORS
Command ORDER
Commercials, for example ADS
Concludes ENDS
Crumbs of food BITS
Damp, as morning lawns DEWY
Electrified fish EEL
Eyelid hair LASH
Fail in a crisis CHOKE
False claims PRETENSES
Farm implements HOES
Fashion magazine whose name is French for ”she” ELLE
Follow __ (do as told) Directions
Follow __ (emulate a role model) INONESFOOTSTEPS
Follow __ (keep up with via social media) ONFACEBOOK
French friends AMIS
Get the __ of the land LAY
Hardly any FEW
Hydrant attachment HOSE
In __ of (instead of) LIEU
Informal restaurant CAFE, DINER
Luau side dish POI
Mexico City money PESO
Minister’s speech SERMON
Monarch’s domain REALM
More peculiar ODDER
Need to pay OWE
Norse god of thunder THOR
Novelist Grafton SUE
Out of kilter AWRY
People funding a play PRODUCERS
Petroleum-carrying ship OILER
Profound DEEP
Prohibited thing NONO
Put a limit on CAP
Quick-witted KEEN
Rainy WET
Red card suit HEARTS
Religious songs HYMNS
San Antonio shrine ALAMO
Shades of color TONES
Shape of some coffee sugar CUBE
Shingle installer ROOFER
Sign displayed by spectators BANNER
Sleeping sound SNORE
Spider’s trap COBWEB
Spot of land in a sea ISLE
St. Patrick’s land ERIN
Superlative suffix EST
Swelled heads EGOS
Take five REST
Tel Aviv’s land ISRAEL
Two fins TENNER
Typefaces FONTS
Unlock OPEN
V-formation fliers GEESE
Very pale ASHEN
What a furnace provides HEAT
What earplugs cut down on NOISE

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