Crossword Puzzle Info – Sep 6 2018

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Clues Answers
”Iliad” hero AJAX
”No harm done” IMOK
”Not impressed!” MEH
Affleck Oscar film ARGO
Alaska cruise stop SITKA
At a distance FAR
Back in the day ONCE
Bad weather STORM
Be hot, as online goods TREND
Big Bird colleague ELMO
Big name in balers DEERE
Café freebie ICEWATER
Call a spade a diamond LIE
Carry too far OVERDO
Childish response ARETOO
Clarinet range ALTO
Color close to turquoise AQUA
Deputy AIDE
Doll seen in ”Toy Story 3” KEN
Downtime REST
Eat late SUP
Ellington band favorite TAKETHEATRAIN
Establish by statute ENACT
Food on a stick KEBAB
Freezing temps TEENS
Fuss at a mirror PREEN
German auto pioneer BENZ
Get no use SIT
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Justice appointed after Sonia ELENA
Knocks over with achievement AWES
Known as NAMED
Life of the party, often WIT
Literary download EBOOK
Little bits TADS
Longtime Mazda model MIATA
Major accidents SMASHUPS
Mealtime for many NOON
Mercury astronaut Slayton DEKE
Most of a penny ZINC
Much-used pencils NUBS
Name on Woodstock’s first-day performer list ARLO
On edge ANTSY
Opposite of ”chaos” ORDER
Pack it in QUIT
PC port, for short USB
Puccini pair CEES
Puerto Rico or Menorca ISLA
Questionnaire category OTHER
Reward in a maxim WORM
Scarlett’s third RHETT
Service academy newbie PLEBE
Sign of disuse RUST
Snide remark GIBE
Solemn utterance OATH
Spiny houseplant ALOE
Sports squad slogan THERESNOIINTEAM
Spruce up NEATEN
Stashes away LAYSIN
Stony type STOIC
Support unlawfully ABET
Take notice of HEED
Target for toning FLAB
Time zone abbr STD
Tiny amount HINT
To be, to Henri ETRE
Took in ATE
Totally lost ATSEA
Trapped like __ ARAT
Treasure map phrase XMARKSTHESPOT
Trig figure SINE
Underwater hazard SHOAL
Unpleasant surprise JOLT
Wedding party member USHER
What some fish are kept as PETS
Word before marshal or mattress AIR
Zilch NONE
__-lacto vegetarian OVO