NZ Herald Crossword – Mar 2 2018

NZ Herald Crossword Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 2 2018 

Clues Answers
… not, want not! WASTE
Alpine song YODEL
Assent with head NOD
Belonging to them THEIRS
Blaze control depot (4,7) FIRESTATION
Boxing titleholder CHAMPION
Caffeine beverage COFFEE
Common Market (1,1,1) EEC
Diamond or sapphire (8,5) PRECIOUS STONE
Distress call (1,1,1) SOS
Distribute ISSUE
Dwelling places ABODES
Flight path, … corridor AIR
French street RUE
Funeral service speech EULOGY
Gives go-ahead to OKAYS
Goodbye ADIEU
Hideous monsters OGRES
Lamented MOURNED
Looking sneeringly LEERING
Managed COPED
Missing soldier DESERTED
Perhaps MAYBE
River-boat (6-7) PADDLE STEAMER
Rocky Mountains state IDAHO
Set up (machinery) INSTALL
Sets alight IGNITES
Small frozen block of water (3,4) ICE CUBE
Submissive PASSIVE
Tearful gasp SOB
Uncivil (3-8) ILLMANERED
Walking youngsters TODDLERS

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