NZ Herald – Mar 10 2018

NZ Herald Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 10 2018 

Clues Answers
… of Capri ISLE
1/16 of pound OUNCE
Adolescent TEEN
Aged OLD
Be appropriate to BEFIT
Before long SOON
Bleating sound BAA
Burglar’s loot SWAG
Casts ballot VOTES
Cat’s foot PAW
Combat captive (1,1,1) POW
Computer symbol ICON
Concoction BREW
Creeping plant IVY
Delicious! YUM
Did breaststroke SWAM
Drove fast SPED
Eastern exercise YOGA
Entitle LET
Extremely VERY
Grandmother NANNY
Grassy area LAWN
Hairless BALD
Harbour guide PILOT
Health resort SPA
Hips to ribs region WAIST
Hotels PUBS
Infants BABES
Internet address, World Wide … WEB
Is indebted to OWES
Miami Vice star, … Johnson DON
Mouldy STALE
Moved through air FLEW
Observe SPY
Physique BUILD
Prayer ending AMEN
Problems WOES
Put in infirmary HOSPITALISE
Realise intuitively, … out SUSS
Redistributes REALLOCATES
Reduce to fine particles ATOMISE
Relatives KIN
Ruffian THUG
Shetland animal PONY
Short skirt style MINI
Showy flower ASTER
Shrill bark YIP
Social misfit NERD
Solar system bodies PLANETS
Sphere ORBIT
Stewed leafstalk RHUBARD
Stopping CEASING
Stroke gently PET
The … Duckling UGLY
Walk in water WADE
Windless CALM
Wooden pin PEG
Workaday routine, … race RAT
Young child TOT

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