NZ Herald – Mar 14 2018

Clues Answers
Adolescent TEENAGE
Angora fibre MOHAIR
Chilli con … CARNE
Christen DUB
Crushes & crumples RUMPLES
Deplores BEMOANS
Famous collie LASSIE
Fine displays ARRAYS
Fool (oneself) DELUDE
Fuses (metal) SOLDERS
Grinds (teeth) GNASHES
Involve ENTAIL
Item bid for in auction LOT
Leafy side dish SALAD
Leotard fabric LYCRA
Less abundant SCARCER
Music style, … & blues RHYTHM
Non-professional AMATEUR
Of the city URBAN
Perfectly IDEALLY
Person interrupting public speech HECKLER
Pranksters HOAXERS
Protects SHIELDS
Rainwater channel GULLY
Request from menu ORDER
Respect AWE
Return game REMATCH
Saturates SOAKS
Sister’s daughter NIECE
Small hound BEAGLE
Snake, death … ADDER
Some ANY
Spluttered COUGHED
Striped cat TABBY
Throat projection, … apple (4’1) ADAMS
Tribal chief HEADMAN
Undo (envelope) UNSEAL
Unrealistic person DREAMER
Young fox CUB

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