NZ Herald – Mar 15 2018

NZ Herald Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 15 2018 

Clues Answers
1000 mm METRE
20s/30s furnishing style, … Deco ART
Adhesive GLUE
Alternate, every … OTHER
Army officers ranked below captain LIEUTENANTS
Artist’s stand EASEL
Bathroom sink BASIN
Beer barrel KEG
Belonging to that ITS
Brave and adventurous BOLD
Bucket down TEEM
Bullet SLUG
Commenced BEGUN
Consumes EATS
Count … blessings YOUR
Couple TWO
Croon SING
Disbelief in God ATHEISM
Dispute settling ARBITRATION
Ear of corn COB
Electrical potential unit VOLT
Entire number of ALL
Erupted BURST
Fellow GUY
Festival, Mardi … GRAS
Flower container VASE
Forewarning OMEN
Four-stringed guitar UKULELE
Gallivant GAD
Golf-green stroke PUTT
Grecian pot URN
Group of 12 DOZEN
Human body study ANATOMY
In between AMID
Indian butter GHEE
Interrupting cough AHEM
Intervene, … in STEP
Leaven YEAST
Milk sugar LACTOSE
Night bird OWL
Ocean bottom, sea … BED
Once bitten, twice … SHY
Pen name, … de plume NOM
Phone text message (1,1,1) SMS
President George W … BUSH
Printing error TYPO
Religious sister NUN
Schoolboys LADS
Sketched DREW
Sonar sound PING
Started golf game, … off TEED
Surgical procedures OPS
The U of IOU YOU
Tiny branch TWIG
Track event RACE
Type of leather CHAMOIS
Until (2,2) UPTO
Well done! BRAVO
Wheel centre HUB
Yellowish-brown HAZEL


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