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NZ Herald – Mar 18 2018

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NZ Herald Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 18 2018 

Clue Answers
Underwater vessel SUB
Tusk material IVORY
Unwarranted UNDUE
Predominantly LARGELY
Moose ELK
Swab DAB
Wield (influence) EXERT
Bring to life ANIMATE
Take part in ballot VOTE
Cash points (1,1,2) ATMS
Pimples ACNE
Bequeath ENDOW
Sticky … pudding DATE
Tropical fruit AVOCADO
Remain STAY
Regional LOCAL
Fluff LINT
Eye lustfully OGLE
Garment GOWN
Loud report BANG
Poem ODE
Opposite of aye NAY
By that route VIA
Work-out club GYM
Football arbiter REF
Donated GIVEN
Risque RACY
Boyfriend BEAU
60s pop dance (2-2) GOGO
Rebel actor, James … DEAN
Animal doctors VETS
Thread FIBRE
Any moment now SOON
First-aid … KIT
Give nickname to DUB
Pertinent APT
Night bird OWL
Meadow LEA
Appear to be SEEM
Surrender CEDE
Become weary TIRE
Congealed blood CLOT
Preventative injection VACCINATION
Flower container VASE
Cargo LOAD
Cigarette FAG
Immense period EON
Heavens SKY
Horse breed ARABIAN
Ridicule, make … of FUN
Slime GOO
Articulate VOCAL
Loathe ABHOR
Adversary ENEMY
Border upon ABUT
Misbehaving, up to no … GOOD
Tight hold GRIP
Problems WOES