NZ Herald – Mar 19 2018

NZ Herald Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 19 2018 

Clues Answers
Money box, piggy … BANK
Warty creature TOAD
Not stipulated UNSPECIFIED
Auld Lang … SYNE
Perches SITS
Hawaiian garland LEI
Yes vote AYE
Distress signal (1,1,1) SOS
Siesta NAP
That female SHE
Soft seedy fruit FIGS
Direction indicator ARROW
Looked up & down EYED
1000 grams KILO
University faculty head DEAN
Small rodents MICE
Shockingly vivid LURID
Nominate NAME
The … & The Pussycat OWL
Occupy with personnel MAN
Chocolate … cake MUD
Used spade DUG
Pen tip NIB
Large jug EWER
Infiltrating spy MOLE
Twosome PAIR
World fair EXPO
December 31 (3,4’1,3) NEW YEARS EVE
Paradise EDEN
The … of Capri ISLE
Pesto herb BASIL
Poking (in ribs) NUDGING
Respectfully, on bended … KNEE
Jockey’s boot spike SPUR
Frightening SCARY
Alien spacecraft (1,1,2) UFOS
School exam TEST
Epic journey ODYSSEY
Current unit AMP
Belonging to that ITS
Become beached, run … AGROUND
Wearing away ERODING
Crooked ASKEW
Red hair rinse HENNA
Fe, fie, fo, … FUM
Entire number of ALL
Tie the knot WED
Expected DUE
Strong painkiller CODEINE
Add-on buildings ANNEXES
Keep out of sight, … low LIE
Cow sound MOO
Canadian flag leaf MAPLE
Opposite of rural URBAN
Tiny bird WREN
Sunbeams RAYS
Dish, bangers & … MASH
Jeans pioneer, … Strauss LEVI

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