NZ Herald – Mar 6 2018

NZ Herald Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 6 2018 

Clues Answers
Air passage DUCT
Approve officially ENDORSE
Baby dog PUPPY
Bass brass instrument TUBA
Canadian whiskey RYE
Compressed DENSE
Congeal GEL
Document pin, paper … CLIP
Dozes NAPS
Dressed CLAD
Employ USE
Expressed verbally SAID
Famous lover, … Juan DON
Flowers, sweet … PEAS
Forearm bone ULNA
Frosts (biscuits) ICES
Healthy WELL
High tennis shot LOB
Hocus-pocus MAGIC
Honest OPEN
In time past AGO
Intensify (5,2) FALRE UP
Lightweight timber BALSA
Located SITED
Mentor GURU
Mobile phone chip, … card SIM
Mother MUM
Musical threesome TRIO
Nights & … DAYS
Not asleep AWAKE
Obese FAT
Optic organ EYE
Perform ACT
Pigment DYE
Pounce LEAP
Private teaching TUITION
Quill or biro PEN
Raise bid, up the … ANTE
Red jam fruit RASPBERRIES
Religious image ICON
Roadside edge KERB
Rowing aid OAR
School half-semester TERM
Show the way LEAD
Snip (hair) CUT
The P of RPM PER
Thrilled RAPT
Titillating SEXY
Trim (photograph) CROP
Two-of-a-kind PAIR
Type of reactor NUCLEAR
University lesson LECTURE
Unmarried UNWED
Unpleasant to taste UNPALATABLE
Untied UNDID
Well-chosen APT
Word play PUN

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