NZ Herald – Mar 8 2018

NZ Herald Crossword Puzzle Solutions – Mar 8 2018 

Clues Answers
Allowing use of LOANING
Attached ADDED
August zodiac sign LEO
Backpackers’ accommodation (5,6) YOUTH HOSTEK
Beers ALES
Beijing is there CHINA
Classify (blood) TYPE
Clumsy lout OAF
Coach BUS
Combine BLEND
Completed DID
Confine, … in HEM
Consumption USAGE
Cost increase RISE
Defeat LOSS
Deliberately ignore SNUB
Eyelid inflammation STYE
Festival GALA
Fold of banknotes WAD
French affirmative OUI
Hairpieces WIGS
Head louse egg NIT
Hounds DOGS
Human rights group, … International AMNESTY
Inquisitive NOSY
Jerk TUG
Lady’s personal attendant MAID
Land measure ACRE
Leisurely walk AMBLE
Lingerie item BRA
Looked at warily EYED
Magic lamp owner ALADDIN
Mother MAMA
Nerve specialist NEUROLOGIST
Numeral DIGIT
Office note MEMO
Pen tip NIB
Persevere, … on PLOD
Peruvian capital LIMA
Poem ODE
Pronto (1,1,1,1) ASAP
Raced RAN
Shade HUE
Sheep enclosure PEN
Shellfish OYSTERS
Showy flower ASTER
Small island ISLE
Smooth out (shirt creases) IRON
Snow shelter IGLOO
Space flight organisation NASA
Speaking publicly ORATING
Sphere ORB
Strong wind GALE
The G of LPG GAS
The one there THAT
Thin fur stole BOA
Two-footed creature BIPED
Used to be WERE
Vehicle, station … WAGON
Wooden bucket PAIL

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