Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“And When __” (1969 hit) IDIE
“Bali __” HAI
“Fatal Attraction” Oscar nominee ANNEARCHER
“Full House” acting pair OLSENTWINS
“Hoarders” channel AANDE
“Hurry it up!” CMON
“I’m c-c-cold!” BRRR
“If I Only Had the Nerve” singer COWARDLYLION
“Slow” primate LORIS
“The Villain” actor Jack ELAM
“The Wizard __” OFOZ
“There, there” ITSOK
“Vidi,” in English ISAW
“__ la Douce” IRMA
100-buck bill CNOTE
1998 Masters champ Mark OMEARA
2012 Ben Affleck thriller ARGO
A verb often follows it NOUN
Actor Baldwin ALEC
Actress Ward SELA
Ad biz award CLIO
Adherents of an Iranian religion BAHAIS
Air gun ammo BBS
All 12 of its symbols are featured in this puzzle ZODIAC
Antis’ votes NOS
Apple buy IMAC
Auction website EBAY
Balm additive ALOE
Bank bought by Chase, for short WAMU
Beatified Mlle STE
Big head EGO
Bill of tennis TILDEN
Bitterly cold ICY
Bonnie of blues rock RAITT
Brand of faucet filters PUR
Bud Light mascot Spuds MacKenzie, for one BULLTERRIER
Caribbean resort island ARUBA
Celeb’s ride LIMO
Century’s 100 YEARS
CEO’s deg MBA
Certain high-heel feature TSTRAP
Chatty birds MYNAS
Clean air org EPA
Contributor DONATOR
Corrida cry OLE
Court divider NET
Covered anew, as a book RECASED
Cream-filled pastries ECLAIRS
Cry like __ ABABY
Custard apple relative PAPAW
Dialect of Aramaic SYRIAC
Dog in “The Thin Man” ASTA
Dollop GOB
Door-bashing device BATTERINGRAM
Drink-related party abbr BYO
Eldest of the Musketeers ATHOS
Epoch ERA
Eye ring AREOLA
Female grad ALUMNA
Feta, for one GOATCHEESE
Flashy, diving soccer move SCORPIONKICK
French article DES
French forest region ARGONNE
Friendly and cheerful GENIAL
Gain’s offset LOSS
Georgia politician Bob BARR
Go-Go’s singer Carlisle BELINDA
Govt. advances for mom-and-pops SBALOANS
Grazing field LEA
Grill-marked sandwiches PANINI
Guided LED
Halibut, sole and flounder BOTTOMFISHES
Hockey’s Phil, to fans ESPO
Hug’s partner KISS
Ignited LIT
In harm’s way ATRISK
It runs on a 52-Down OSX
Judo teacher SENSEI
Leaned back RECLINED
Leaning ATILT
Light snack NOSH
Like bootees KNITTED
Luxury writing implement WATERMANPEN
Madams’ counterparts SIRS
Manufacture MAKE
Me, in Lyon MOI
Michael of the band R.E.M STIPE
Moon that’s home to the Ewoks ENDOR
Mother of Jesus VIRGINMARY
Nastase of tennis fame ILIE
Negev’s land ISRAEL
Official order EDICT
Offspring producer BREEDER
On __ with (equal to) APAR
One of the Kennedys EUNICE
One of the Kennedys TED
Ones entrapping SNARERS
Opposite of destined NOTTOBE
Org. with merit badges BSA
Peevish state SNIT
Physiques, for short BODS
Politician Alexandria __ -Cortez OCASIO
Prevarication LIE
Prison units WARDS
Put a flaw in MAR
Radio host Charlamagne __ God THA
Read quickly SCAN
Rep on the street CRED
Rhinoplasty doc ENT
Roman 1,052 MLII
Sailor’s org USN
Sailors, informally TARS
Sideways-moving arachnid CRABSPIDER
Slower than allegretto ANDANTE
Slumber SLEEP
Small nail TACK
Small pouch SAC
Small rodents, jocularly MEECE
Sore feeling ACHINESS
Spiral-shelled mollusk CONCH
Star of “I’m No Angel” MAEWEST
Start to wake STIR
Suffix with east ERN
Suffix with micro- or kaleido- SCOPIC
Suffix with Senegal ESE
Test taker EXAMINEE
Things to step on in washrooms BATHSCALES
Think aloud OPINE
Those people THEM
Thousand: Prefix MILLI
Top-secret U.S. org NSA
Transversely ACROSS
Turkish money unit LIRA
Vega’s constellation LYRA
Went spelunking CAVED
Winning tic-tac-toe row OOO
With no secrecy OPENLY
Working hard ATIT
__ -do-well NEER
__ acid (fat product) OLEIC
__ Lingus AER

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