Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 15 2018

Clues Answers
‘– -haw!’ HEE
‘– -hoo!’ (‘Hello!’) YOO
‘– Brockovich’ ERIN
‘– out!’ (ump’s call) YER
‘… man — mouse?’ ORA
‘D.C. Cab’ actor MRT
‘Get busy!’ DOIT
‘Gotta run!’ CIAO
‘Honest Abe’ LINCOLN
‘Mirage’ actor Edward James — OLMOS
‘Remington –‘ STEELE
‘That’s — bad idea’ NOTA
‘The Simpsons’ shopkeeper APU
‘Xanadu’ rock gp ELO
— chi TAI
— razor (‘keep it simple’ principle) OCCAMS
— vu DEJA
12 p.m NOONDAY
Additionally ELSE
Also include ADDIN
Alternative medical practices NATURALHEALTH
At no time, to poets NEER
Barbecue GRILL
Bête — (pet peeve) NOIRE
Big names STARS
Blossom bit PETAL
Boat’s spine KEEL
Boolean logic operator NOR
Breakfast chain, briefly IHOP
Broccoli — (salad green) RAAB
Bulky brass TUBA
Bulls scores BASKETS
Certain PC pic file GIF
Chilly powder SNOW
City NNW of Provo OREM
Clock setting in NYC EST
Clownish type SILLYBILLY
Cynic’s look SNEER
Dancer Falana LOLA
Determined to carry out SETON
Dictionary, e.g REFERENCEBOOK
Difficult and tiring ARDUOUS
Dollar or euro divs CTS
Domino dot PIP
Echelon RANK
Economist John Maynard — KEYNES
Epochs ERAS
Equal: Prefix ISO
Ethiopia, formerly ABYSSINIA
Failures to attend ABSENCES
Fancy snack CANAPE
Far-reaching WIDE
FBI agent GMAN
Feudal peon SERF
Film that’s both funny and gloomy BLACKCOMEDY
Film theaters CINEMAS
Films, TV, hit songs, etc POPCULTURE
Firing sound BLAST
Fish story YARN
Fish story TALE
Fork parts PRONGS
Frog sound CROAK
Give and take SWAP
Gun rights org NRA
Halo-worthy HOLY
High cards ACES
IDs for the IRS SSNS
Clues Answers
Imitated APED
Important biblical meal LASTSUPPER
Iota BIT
Java holder URN
Kerfuffles ADOS
Kiddie TOT
Lettuce variety BIBB
Make a sweater, e.g KNIT
Makes a dress, e.g SEWS
Many a navel INNIE
Many August babies LEOS
Metal debris DROSS
Michigan county or its seat LAPEER
Mixtures for chemical analysis REAGENTS
Nickname for Yale OLDELI
Of Tehran IRANI
Old Aegean region IONIA
One fibbing LIAR
Opening bets ANTES
Overhead air circulator CEILINGFAN
Part of rpm MINUTE
Pianist Hines EARL
Playing card apt to this puzzle’s theme (hint: see the ends of the longest answers) NINEOFCLUBS
Priest follower? ESS
Pulitzer winner William INGE
Quaker products CEREALS
Racing units LAPS
Rally cry RAH
Really bug EATAT
Relative of handball JAIALAI
Rubble maker TNT
Ruhr Valley’s chief city ESSEN
Saber’s kin EPEE
Sales talk SPIEL
Sam of ‘Backtrack’ NEILL
Santa — (some winds) ANAS
Sauce brand RAGU
Scared by AFRAIDOF
See 32-Across SODA
See 50-Down FEES
Serve as evidence of TESTIFYTO
Sheep group HERD
Shutting CLOSING
Singer Crow SHERYL
Singer with the 2013 #1 hit ‘Royals’ LORDE
Sketched DREW
Slobby sort SCHLUMP
Soldiers of Seoul ROKS
Sown things SEEDS
Step inside ENTER
Subpar mark DEE
Suffix with boff OLA
Test the tea, say TAKEASIP
They begin on January 1 NEWYEARS
Thin material used in painting and baking RICEPAPER
Think deeply and at length MUSE
Tie feature KNOT
TVs ‘Better Call –‘ SAUL
Typesetter’s option FONT
Under the covers ABED
Univ. sports org NCAA
Unstiffened shoe part SOFTTOE
Very dark, to poets EBON
Well-timed OPPORTUNE
Well-timed ONCUE
Winged god EROS
With 40-Across, classic grape drink NEHI
With 54-Across, service charges USER
Yard sale proviso ASIS

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