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Clues Answers
‘– -daisy!’ OOPSY
‘– in Boots’ PUSS
‘Ave –‘ MARIA
‘Don’t Be Cruel’ singer ELVIS
‘Fur Is Dead’ org PETA
‘Hill Street Blues’ actor Daniel J. — TRAVANTI
‘How cool!’ NEATO
‘How cool!’ OOH
‘Meh’ grade CEE
‘Pipe down!’ SHH
‘See! I was right!’ TOLDYA
‘This –‘ (phone phrase) ISHE
‘To Live and Die –‘ INLA
— buco OSSO
2004 CBS spinoff CSINY
A-F linkup BCDE
Actor Flynn with a sword ERROL
Actor Gosling RYAN
Actress Graynor ARI
Amu — (Asian river) DARYA
Aquafina or Fiji alternative DASANI
Arab leaders EMIRS
Archery need AIM
Architect Frank GEHRY
Arctic birds TERNS
Arduous trip TREK
ATM output CASH
Author Sholem ASCH
Balcony box LOGE
Ball of thread CLEW
Barely bearable HARDTOTAKE
Bart and Lisa’s bus driver OTTO
Bird bills NEBS
Biting fly GNAT
Blue hue CYAN
Branch of Islam SUNNI
Caddy drink TEA
Carne — (steak dish) ASADA
Chief foe who doesn’t show up on time? LATEARCHRIVAL
Church assembly SYNOD
Coen of film ETHAN
Coif creator STYLIST
Competition to determine the best garment stiffener? STARCHINGCONTEST
Contents of a spray can AEROSOL
Coup d’– ETAT
Deep gap CHASM
Definite article THE
Defoe hero Robinson CRUSOE
Deserve EARN
Dresses with flares ALINES
East –, Connecticut LYME
Ecru TAN
Elvis — Presley ARON
Enter slowly EASEIN
Even, as the score INATIE
Exec’s perk with wheels COMPANYCAR
Figure skater Midori — ITO
Fixes up text EDITS
Four pairs OCTET
From — Z (every bit) ATO
Full of frills LACY
Geller of mentalism URI
German for 60-Down DER
Gillette razor name ATRA
Give lip SASS
Grayish brown earth tone? SILVEROCHRE
Gunnysack material BURLAP
Hayes and Newton ISAACS
Heart-shaped pre-euro Greek coin? ROMANTICDRACHMA
Hide-hair connector NOR
How young guys behave BOYISHLY
Clues Answers
Implied but not stated TACIT
In history PAST
Initial Hebrew letter ALEPH
Iranian religion BAHAI
Lacto- — vegetarian OVO
Letter-shaped opening for a bolt TSLOT
Like — in headlights ADEER
Lobster eggs ROE
Long-distance swimmer Diana NYAD
Longtime Arizona politician Mo UDALL
Mad feeling IRE
Mason- — Line DIXON
Med. scan MRI
Melodious ARIOSO
Method used by learned people? SCHOLARSYSTEM
Mgrs.’ aides ASSTS
Morales of ‘The Brink’ ESAI
Myrna of film LOY
Omega lead-in PSI
Pal of Owl POOH
Paperless test ORALEXAM
Periods of time between INTERIMS
Phrase of self-pity POORME
Pianist Rubinstein or Schnabel ARTUR
Place for a mani-pedi DAYSPA
Planet’s path ORBIT
Play a role ACT
Pope’s religion: Abbr CATH
Prickly-leaved plant TEASEL
Primo AONE
Psyche part EGO
Ready to go SET
Realm of MSNBC, e.g TVNEWS
Rene of ‘Thor’ RUSSO
Renoir works ART
Reprimand loudly YELLAT
Say further ADD
Screwball KOOKY
See 91-Down RING
Shahs’ home IRAN
Ship banner ENSIGN
Similar AKIN
Singer Crystal GAYLE
Speak out against DECRY
Spectator covered in glitter? SPARKLINGWATCHER
Sport on horseback POLO
Spotted cat CIVET
Spring holiday EASTER
Tesla of the Tesla coil NIKOLA
That lady HER
Tortilla snack TACO
Tree-lined boulevard ALAMEDA
Two-legged animals BIPEDS
Type of eye surgery LASIK
Veer sharply SLUE
Very small WEE
Virile Communist leader? MACHOZEDONG
Vocal range ALTO
Vt. hours EST
Warfare that has not been enchanted? UNCHARMEDCOMBAT
Web sales ETAIL
Web user NETIZEN
Western spread RANCH
Western tribe OTO
Wholly ALL
Wicked VILE
Wireless provider acquired by Verizon in 2008 ALLTEL
With 7-Down, bit of foot jewelry TOE
Young chap LADDIE

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