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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Apr 26 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“… roughly” ORSO
“Charlotte’s Web” actress Davis ESSIE
“Does this medication act as a sedative at all?”? ISITANYDOWNER
“I do,” e.g VOW
“Life is like __ of chocolates” ABOX
“Mayday!” SOS
“Misery” star JAMESCAAN
“Wide Sargasso Sea” novelist Jean RHYS
26th letters, to Brits ZEDS
6-Down plus one ELEVEN
Actor Chuck NORRIS
Actor Schreiber LIEV
Annual: Abbr YRLY
Apt things to feel when solving this puzzle? MIXEDEMOTIONS
Artery insert STENT
Astros, on scoreboards HOU
Bad grades EFS
Ballesteros of golf SEVE
Banana part STEM
Bicolor horse ROAN
Bit of conjunctivitis medicine EYEDROP
Blood fluid: Prefix SERO
Brand of lens solution RENU
Bummed SAD
Busy insect ANT
Cable TV’s __ Geo Wild NAT
Camille Saint- __ SAENS
Captured during a revolt? TAKENBYUPRISERS
Cat, to Juan GATO
Caustic liquid ACID
Chap GUY
Cloud’s place SKY
Coll. in Lower Manhattan NYU
Cooke of soul SAM
Coral islet CAY
Coral rings ATOLLS
Cost to buy an airline ticket? FAREOFFLYING
Creep higher, as shorts RIDEUP
Culinary mushroom MOREL
Dark warrior Kylo of sci-fi REN
Despise LOATHE
Eden evictee EVE
Eight: Prefix OCTA
Emilio of Hollywood ESTEVEZ
Emma Peel player Diana RIGG
Farm tower SILO
FBI workers: Abbr AGTS
First letter INITIAL
Fish-fowl link NOR
Flow barrier DAM
Follies show REVUE
Football field GRID
Freeman of “Angel Face” MONA
French painter Henri MATISSE
Frosting tools ICERS
Funny in a twisted way IRONIC
Gave the heave-ho to AXED
Give __ (care) ARAP
Henna or anil DYE
Hosp. areas ORS
In the future ONEDAY
Jane in court ROE
John in court DOE
Kett of comics ETTA
Landscaping tool used by a large company? CORPORATEEDGER
Lightly lit DIM
Loss of the sense of smell ANOSMIA
Ltr. holder ENV
Magical elixir that turns people into mouselike rodents? VOLEPOTION
Meadow LEA
Most tender SOREST
Motels INNS
Movie FILM
Nation in “The Hunger Games” PANEM
Neighbor of Sudan CHAD
Nevada city on I-80 RENO
Not ingested UNEATEN
Not rough SMOOTH
Old Egypt-Syr. alliance UAR
Once named NEE
Opponents RIVALS
Orange Bowl loc MIAMIFL
Ostentatious showiness GLITZ
Out of kilter ASKEW
Outlook ASPECT
Pages transmitted by PCs EFAXES
Painter’s undercoat GESSO
Pant-leg line INSEAM
People using paste GLUERS
Peter of Herman’s Hermits NOONE
Pops DAD
Pro-gun org NRA
Question to someone who rudely interrupts a chat? HAVEYOUNOAHEMS
Really dumb ASININE
Rescind REVOKE
Rock blasters AMPS
Rolling Stones frontman’s family JAGGERS
Roman 107 CVII
Ruckuses ADOS
Run, as an art exhibition CURATE
San Francisco’s __ Valley NOE
See 32-Down XER
Set straight ORIENT
Shrinking salt lake in Asia ARALSEA
Small child TOT
Some refinery input ORE
Some refinery input OIL
Some viral trends MEMES
Something hit by a basso LOWNOTE
Sothern of “Kid Millions” ANN
Sports arbiter REF
State tree of New Jersey REDOAK
Sun or moon ORB
Swenson of “Benson” INGA
Tarte __ (apple treat) TATIN
Teeny power source ATOM
Tennis’ Lendl IVAN
The singer of “Kiss an Angel Good Mornin’ ” was nosy? CHARLEYPRIED
They’re large in large-print materials TYPESIZES
Title for 33-Down DAME
Turf anew RESOD
Unseal, in poetry OPE
Upkeep of a kitchen stove? RANGEMANAGEMENT
Verdi opera AIDA
Waited a bit PAUSED
Way out of a building EXITDOOR
Wears away ERODES
What X may mean TEN
Wisenheimer SMARTY
With 118-Down, child of a boomer GEN
Withered SERE
Wrinkle remover IRONER
Young cod SCROD
__ Baba ALI
__ Melodies (old toons) MERRIE
__ Moines DES
__ Pilate (biblical official) PONTIUS