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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 1 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Absolutely!” OHYES
“It’s finally clear” ISEE
“Mein Gott!” ACH
“Oedipus complex” coiner FREUD
“See-saw, Margery __” DAW
“Such a pity!” SOSAD
“Taking Woodstock” star __ Martin DEMETRI
“The __ of the Ancient Mariner” RIME
“Uh, pardon me …” AHEM
“__ Lot” (Stephen King novel) SALEMS
’80s Golden Arches burger MCDLT
1970 Simon and Garfunkel hit CECILIA
A helmet protects it HEAD
Abbr. limiting a list ETC
Actor Brynner YUL
Anger IRE
Angry speech TIRADE
Apple variety IMAC
Aristocrat’s home ESTATE
Bamboozles CONS
Bamboozles ROOKS
Black-clad teen, maybe GOTH
Blowout win ROUT
Bulldogs’ school YALE
Canon __ Rebel EOS
Clickable screen image ICON
Common infant illness COLIC
Connect-the-points puzzle DOTTODOT
Critical VITAL
Declaration when a footballer arrives? HERESTHEKICKER
Doesn’t reject ACCEPTS
Dwell (in) RESIDE
Early Mexican AZTEC
Earthy hue, to a Brit OCHRE
Egyptian goddess of fertility ISIS
Embedded, as a nail DROVEIN
Enshrouded VEILED
Envious composer in “Amadeus” SALIERI
Erstwhile space station MIR
Exec. helper ASST
Expand, as a house ADDONTO
Experience a huge failure LOSEBIG
Fanciers of fine dining EPICURES
Fashion designer Tahari ELIE
Fast shark MAKO
Feds, e.g AGENTS
Fender flaw DING
Flush (with) EVEN
Footballer ejected from a nightclub? BOUNCEDBACK
Footballer from a major Kansas city? WICHITALINEMAN
Footballer on a plane trip? FLIGHTSAFETY
Footballer with a rod and reel? FISHINGTACKLE
Footballer working as a sound technician? AUDIORECEIVER
For the most part LARGELY
Formerly ONCE
Geronimo’s tribe APACHE
Girl played by Lily Tomlin EDITHANN
Greek consonants CHIS
Hard hitter, biblically SMITER
Have existence ARE
Hearing things EARS
Hi- __ image RES
High point ACME
Humiliated ABASED
Imparted fizz to AERATED
Imperfection DEFECT
In an aerodynamic way SLEEKLY
Iterate ECHO
Kennel club classifications BREEDS
Labor TOIL
Latin “Lo!” ECCE
Liberal __ ARTS
Like doctors’ practices MEDICAL
Like Goodwill goods USED
Like green or purple hair DYED
Lowest parking garage tier, perhaps LEVELA
Lyrical verse ODE
Mai __ (rum drinks) TAIS
Make __ out of (rebut) ALIAR
Makes a sly verbal attack SNIPES
Marine animal’s pelt SEALSKIN
Matching pullover and cardigan TWINSET
Mink’s cousin WEASEL
Not on a footballer’s right? LEFTOFCENTER
Old Chrysler DESOTO
One casting a ballot ELECTOR
Outer: Prefix ECT
PC-sent greeting ECARD
Piece of office furniture DESK
Pimples ZITS
Plaything for Fido or Fluffy PETTOY
Pollen bearer ANTHER
Pool hall item RACK
Post-Q string RSTU
Push forward PROPEL
Quick escape LAM
Rear, at sea AFT
Relatives of xylophones MARIMBAS
Remove hair from, as one’s legs EPILATE
Rio carmaker KIA
Rowing need OAR
Sales staffer REP
Salvador the surrealist DALI
Scared (of) INFEAR
Scenting compound ODORANT
Self-indulgent binge SPREE
Shark feature FIN
She helped Theseus ARIADNE
Ship shelters HARBORS
Skating place RINK
Some ring wins, for short TKOS
Sommer of “A Shot in the Dark” ELKE
Sony Bravia or Sharp Aquos HDTV
Source of flowing water OPENTAP
Strong urge ITCH
Stuck going nowhere INARUT
Take it easy REST
Take __ from (do as suggested by) ACUE
Tennis divider NET
Thin pancake CREPE
Think meditatively MUSE
Title girl of old comics ETTAKETT
TiVo device DVR
Tot’s wheels TRIKE
Troublemaker AGITATOR
Units of absorbed energy RADS
Urge on INCITE
Vietnamese festival TET
Vigor, in music scores BRIO
Visit a footballer? COMETOANEND
When typical workdays start ATNINE
Woeful cry AHME
Wrinkle-removing procedure FACELIFT
Young fellow LAD
__ minimum ATA