Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“… __ quit!” (threat ender) ORI
“Beauty is in the __ the beholder” EYEOF
“Elena of __” (Disney series) AVALOR
“Hear, hear!” IAGREE
“I refuse to repeatedly forgo this rule for you”? DONTKEEPMEWAIVING
“Inferno” director Howard RON
“Leaving __ Vegas” LAS
“Mad” man of Wonderland HATTER
“Oho, old chap!” ISAY
“Quiet down!” SHH
“Tall” story TALE
“That’s my goal” ITRY
“__ got a deal for you!” HAVEI
1987 Hoffman-Beatty film ISHTAR
4G __ (cellphone standard) LTE
9-to-5er’s cry of relief TGIF
Actor Elba IDRIS
Actor’s nudge CUE
Actress Laura LINNEY
Alias lead-in AKA
Aloe __ VERA
An award-winning new device? THEBESTOFINVENTIONS
Antlered male STAG
Apt., e.g RES
Arm bones HUMERI
B-G linkup CDEF
Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter ENOS
Basic chords TRIADS
Be a suitor of WOO
Belgrade native SERB
Big crucifix ROOD
Book before Jeremiah ISAIAH
Booking to stay at a humble hut? HOVELRESERVATION
Boxing weapons FISTS
Carry along TOTE
Cartoon “Explorer” DORA
Caused LEDTO
Columbus sch OSU
Comics cry EEK
Common motif TROPE
Couples TWOS
Cover with tar PAVE
Crosswalk user, in brief PED
Dairy animals COWS
Disco flasher STROBE
Divvy up SPLIT
Dream, in French REVE
Eat away at ERODE
Element #50 TIN
Eng. course LIT
Entered surreptitiously SNUCKINTO
Factor of nine THREE
Fearsome fly TSETSE
Filmmaker Preminger OTTO
Football passer who hasn’t eaten all day? STARVINGQUARTERBACK
French for “cup” TASSE
Gaming cube DIE
Give help to AID
Go very fast SPEED
Gofers’ tasks ERRANDS
Great delight MIRTH
Greek city near Athens CORINTH
Gun rights org NRA
Hostility halter PACT
Interwoven TWINED
Iridescent gemstone OPAL
Jordan’s capital AMMAN
Judicial mallet GAVEL
Letter-shaped metalworking grooves TSLOTS
Liquid in un lac EAU
Look at SEE
Lupino of old Hollywood IDA
Make lean, as meat DEFAT
Maze-running rodent RAT
Me, myself __ ANDI
Mex. matron SRA
Monkly title FRA
New Delhi-based flag carrier AIRINDIA
Night watch VIGIL
Nights before EVES
Not many FEW
Notes after sol LATI
Oinker kept at home PETPIG
Outmoded RCA product VCR
Painter Max ERNST
Paradises EDENS
Part of ETA: Abbr ARR
Pathogenic bacterium, for short STAPH
People who yearn to take part in a lunar landing? CRAVERSOFTHEMOON
Peppery HOT
Plan to pay later, as for bar drinks OPENATAB
Polar vehicle SLED
Pop diva Dion CELINE
Pope before Benedict III LEOIV
Preach from place to place, perhaps ITINERATE
Pres. after FDR HST
Rainless ARID
Ran, as colors BLED
RandB singer Staples MAVIS
Road furrow RUT
Ruby-colored RED
Sacked out ABED
Scratch (out) EKE
Scratch, e.g MAR
Small order of greens SIDESALAD
Some garish lights NEONS
Sounding like a potato chip bag crinkling
Spandex brand LYCRA
Spanish for “cheese” QUESO
Stamped thing: Abbr ENV
Stiffly formal PRIM
Sub tracker SONAR
Sunup DAWN
Swing’s Shaw ARTIE
Swiss capital BERN
Symbolize SIGNIFY
Telephone sounds DIALTONES
That gal’s HERS

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