Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 21 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Alas, it wasn’t to be” BUTNO
“Dynamite” singer Cruz TAIO
“Good grief!” YEESH
“Good grief!” EGAD
“Save As,” “Print” or “Select All” MENUCOMMAND
“Twin Peaks” actor Jack NANCE
“Unto the Sons” author Gay TALESE
“__ -Tiki” KON
“__ be a shame if …” ITD
“__ deal!” ITSA
6/6/1944 DDAY
Actress Dunne IRENE
Actress Leah REMINI
Africa’s Amin IDI
Alters in size, as a photo RESCALES
Ancient Celtic priest DRUID
Antifungal brand LAMISIL
Attacked like a bee STUNG
Auth. unknown ANON
Balls ORBS
Barely ahead ONEUP
Be the champion of WINAT
Bear or Berra YOGI
Being harshly criticized UNDERFIRE
Big name in concert pianos STEINWAY
Breastbone STERNUM
British actor Derek JACOBI
British fellow CHAP
Brother of Nintendo’s Mario LUIGI
Burial sites TOMBS
Butter bits PATS
Cereal grain OAT
Certain fruit bar DATESQUARE
Charge-free NOFEE
Cheese from Holland EDAM
Chimps’ cousins ORANGS
Choke GAG
Church area with pews NAVE
Clenched hand FIST
Confucian “way” TAO
Crunchable muscles ABS
Cry to an attack dog SICEM
Cut and dried soup veggie SPLITPEA
Destitute POOR
Diminish SUBSIDE
Diner classic CLUBSANDWICH
Dog botherer FLEA
Drizzles or sprinkles RAINS
Duck variety EIDER
Engine oil, for short LUBE
Examine minutely DISSECT
Extracts via udders MILKS
Filmdom’s Spike or Ang LEE
Fish’s respiratory structure GILL
Fur-covered HAIRY
Future pupae LARVAE
Genesis boat ARK
Getting the task done ONIT
Gillette razor ATRA
Goblet part STEM
Guileless NAIVE
Happen next ENSUE
Heredity unit GENE
Holds fast (to) ADHERES
Join together in a labor group UNIONIZE
Kett of old comics ETTA
Kong or Koko APE
Land parcel TRACT
Last words of a threat ORELSE
Like many toothpastes MINTY
Links org PGA
Lion locale DEN
Liturgical act RITE
Lock unlocker KEY
Low grades DEES
Low- __ diet CARB
Makes sure the task gets done SEESTOIT
Male cats TOMS
Melodic passage ARIOSO
Message on a protective book cover JACKETBLURB
Minnesota ex-governor Carlson ARNE
Miserly sort SCROOGE
Model Banks TYRA
More chilly COLDER
More restless UNEASIER
Name as a source CITE
Nothing more than MERE
Overwhelm, as with humor SLAY
Past partners EXES
Perp’s place JAIL
Person scattering seeds, say STREWER
Person voted in to a seat ELECTEE
Play on words PUN
Positive vote AYE
Precious green stone JADE
Purported psychic skill ESP
Put a stop to END
Quebecois’ national anthem OCANADA
Really regret RUE
Region next to Catalonia ARAGON
Resting atop UPON
Scarfed down ATE
See 95-Down SEASON
Seismic occurrence QUAKE
Senator Sanders BERNIE
Shenanigan ANTIC
Sheriff’s aides POSSE
Small gift for shindig guests PARTYFAVOR
Small telescope SPYGLASS
Something to belt out TUNE
Source of music to accompany silent films THEATERORGAN
South African grassland VELDT
Sponsorship AEGIS
Spot in a hotel to book a room RESERVATIONDESK
Stationery store product MEMOPAD
Statistics expert Silver NATE
Street __ (rep in the city) CRED
Sweet snacks on sticks CAKEPOPS
Takes heed LISTENS
They propel paramecia CILIA
Tosses in ADDS
Twilight time DUSK
Twin of Apollo ARTEMIS
U.S. fort holding gold KNOX
Upper limb ARM
Verdi opera heroine AIDA
Wang of dress design VERA
War god ARES
Ward off AVERT
Where the starts of eight answers in this puzzle might appear AFTERDINNER
While being shipped INTRANSIT
With 124-Across, dreaded time of the year for many allergy sufferers POLLEN
Wood-dressing tool ADZE
__ -edged pages GILT
__ -gritty NITTY
__ Buena Island YERBA
__ de Janeiro RIO
__ job on (messed up) DIDA

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