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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
‘… — a lender be’ NOR
‘Heck yeah!’ DARNTOOTIN
‘Hook’ pirate SMEE
‘How clever’ NEATIDEA
‘Na Na’ preceder SHA
‘What — mean?’ DOYOU
— -Grain cereal bars NUTRI
16-oz. units LBS
1974 Billy Joel hit PIANOMAN
1991-2003 Vermont governor HOWARDDEAN
500 vehicles RACECARS
A.J. of Indy FOYT
Actor Gibson MEL
Actor Sparks NED
Adequate for the job UPTOPAR
Adjusts the pitch of again RETUNES
Austin-to-Atlanta dir ENE
Bargain on the export of element #82? LEADDEAL
Be hammy OVERACT
Bigwig VIP
Binary base TWO
Bit of NYSE news IPO
Boarded GOTON
Call off, as a mission ABORT
Canon camera line EOS
Chaplin of ‘Game of Thrones’ OONA
Cigar holder made from element #45? RHODIUMHUMIDOR
City on the Alabama SELMA
Classic Fords, briefly TBIRDS
Clog-clearing stuff found to have element #86? RADONDRANO
Cocktail of gin, vermouth and Campari NEGRONI
Collectors of lots of stuff HOARDERS
Crooked UNEVEN
Cry after ‘Psst!,’ perhaps INHERE
Current units AMPERES
Dangle HANG
Dark film about people who forge element #26? IRONNOIR
Deanna on the USS Enterprise TROI
Disney sci-fi film of 1982 TRON
Dutch painter Jan VERMEER
Earthy shade TAN
Enactment LAW
Expert PRO
Expert ACE
Fed. agents GMEN
Fissures RIFTS
Flabbergast STUN
Flabbergasts ASTOUNDS
Floor cover RUG, TILE
Goes kaput DIES
Half-moon-shaped deposit of element #34? SELENIUMSEMILUNE
Harangue TIRADE
Heavy winds GALES
Home of the philosopher Zeno ELEA
I-75, e.g RTE
Impact noise THUD
In a crowd of AMONG
Instrument whose pipes are filled with element #18? ARGONORGAN
Internal body parts that have absorbed too much of element #47? SILVERLIVERS
IRS filing mo APR
Is unable CANT
It may follow ‘Long time’ NOSEE
Jorge’s ‘day’ DIA
Jorge’s ‘new’ NUEVO
K-O center LMN
Like clans TRIBAL
Like Pisa’s famed tower LEANING
Literary Twist OLIVER
Make cherished ENDEAR
Masked warrior in black NINJA
Mean dog CUR
Meyers of ‘Think Big’ ARI
Mistake while trying to mine element #55? CESIUMMISCUE
More devoid EMPTIER
Munich loc GER
Nero’s 102 CII
Noisy sleepers SNORERS
Not as much LESS
Not gendered, as a noun EPICENE
Not marked, as an exam UNGRADED
Obsolete OLD
Old Apple laptop IBOOK
On the mark ACCURATE
One fleeing a flood, maybe EVACUEE
Ontario’s capital TORONTO
Opening bits INTROS
Orbital curve ELLIPSE
Org. for free speech ACLU
Orig. copies MSS
Oven knob DIAL
Part of a fork TINE
Pastiche OLIO
Peddle VEND
Person quarreling ARGUER
Pesters a lot NAGS
Pet pests LICE
Peyotes, e.g CACTI
Phone alert sound whose waves travel best through element #7? NITROGENRINGTONE
Poets’ Muse ERATO
Politico Paul RON
Prince, e.g HEIR
Pro-learning org NEA
Raimi of film SAM
Rand McNally reference ATLAS
Reach over SPAN
Really absurd LUNATIC
Refuse to WONT
Rodeo ropes LASSOES
Secular LAIC
See 42-Down ALONG
See 54-Across SOUL
Sideshow barkers peddling element #33? ARSENICCARNIES
Sixty minutes ONEHOUR
Skyscraping TALL
Some annexes ELLS
Sort of sword EPEE
State of fury IRE
Submission encl SAE
Suffix with strict URE
Swiss peaks ALPS
Tilting type ITALIC
Turbine parts ROTORS
Ukulele’s kin BANJO
Using a pen ININK
Vitascope inventor EDISON
Voting day, often: Abbr TUE
Vouches for ATTESTS
What some cuts do BLEED
With 17-Down, scram RUN
With 32-Down, nobody NOTA
Women’s patriotic gp DAR
Wonderful GREAT
Yale alum ELI