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Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 30 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in Premier Sunday King Feature Syndicate.

Clues Answers
“Enough!” STOPIT
“Fame” singer Irene CARA
“Great Jewish Joke Book” writer ALANKING
“M*A*S*H” co-star ALDA
“Nine” Tony nominee Karen AKERS
“Not possible” NOCANDO
“Shrek!” writer William STEIG
“Tarzan” star Ron ELY
“That’s __ -brainer” ANO
“The Far Side” cartoonist Gary LARSON
“Well well!” OHO
“Yo!” HEY
“__ So Fine” (1963 #1 hit) HES
11th mo NOV
Acne care brand OXY
Act silently MIME
Actor Cage, to pals NIC
Actress Channing STOCKARD
Actress Garr TERI
Actresses Stone and Watson EMMAS
Aegean, e.g SEA
Aged OLD
Ale barrels KEGS
Alias letters AKA
Angry feeling IRE
Arrange in a different way REORDER
As a help to INAIDOF
Band gig in an Arkansas city? LITTLEROCKCONCERT
Banks do it LEND
Between the sheets, say ABED
Blood type, for short ONEG
Body of water off Buffalo LAKEERIE
Boob tube TVSET
Boxy vehicle in a Virginia city? NEWPORTNEWSVAN
Cake alternative PIE
Cake levels TIERS
Campbell of “Scream” films NEVE
Carbo-loading food PASTA
Casino game with 80 balls KENO
Certain snake ASP
Chain of cosmetics stores SEPHORA
Cheat CON
China’s Chou En- __ LAI
Conditionally free prisoner PAROLEE
Cooked in the style of ALA
Cow on milk cartons ELSIE
Cynical reply IBET
Disney Hall architect Frank GEHRY
Display stand for curios ETAGERE
Dr. Watson player Bruce NIGEL
Dweeby sort NERD
Earthen pot OLLA
Eight in front? OCTA
Emend EDIT
Employ HIRE
Entryway DOOR
Fathers PAS
Fido’s threat GRR
Fleecy female EWE
Fruit stone PIT
Get closer NEAR
Get closer, quaintly DRAWNIGH
Get, as profit REAP
Highway semi RIG
Hispanic woman LATINA
Inexpensive LOWCOST
Kitty’s call MEOW
Large bag SACK
Light-footed AGILE
Lines on street maps ROADS
Links gp. for women LPGA
Lock opener in an Oklahoma city? BROKENARROWKEY
Long seat in a Kansas city? OVERLANDPARKBENCH
Love god AMOR
Lustful look LEER
Major fuss ADO
Mandolin kin LUTE
Map source ATLAS
Margarine, quaintly OLEO
Marked, as on a ballot XED
Maya Angelou’s “Still __” IRISE
Microbe-filled GERMY
Moderately muscular TONED
Municipal law: Abbr ORD
Nazareth’s ancient locale GALILEE
Net tyro NOOB
Noble Brit EARL
Of speech ORAL
Off the ground ALOFT
Omaha loc NEB
Opening for light in a Wisconsin city? GREENBAYWINDOW
Opposite of 104-Across NOONE
Orchestral drums TIMPANI
Ore analysts ASSAYERS
Pile up debt OWE
Plato’s “T” TAU
Playfully shy COY
Pooch in a Texas city? GRANDPRAIRIEDOG
Pooh’s mopey pal EEYORE
Prepare a gift WRAP
Ram into from behind REAREND
Rosey of the 1960s Rams GRIER
Ruinous end DOOM
Scarlet, e.g RED
Sculling tools OARS
See 56-Across ARE
Sign off on AGREETO
Sign off on ALLOW
Singer Yoko ONO
Singers Arnold and Grant EDDYS
Sluggard in a Florida city? POMPANOBEACHBUM
Song satirist Tom LEHRER
Stroll along AMBLE
Strung along LEDON
Subway in a Duke Ellington title ATRAIN
Surrounding, as sound AMBIENT
Sweetums HONEY
That woman HER
That, to Lucia ESA
Toasted bread cube CROUTON
Toothy tool SAW
Tough puzzle POSER
Vegas machines SLOTS
Vocabulary WORDAGE
Vocalist Vikki CARR
Voices below mezzos ALTOS
Walked unsteadily TOTTERED
Wall St. opportunist ARB
West of film MAE
With 44-Across, “In all probability …” ODDS
Yard tools EDGERS
Year-by-year records ANNALS
Yearnings YENS
Young lady in a California city? SIMIVALLEYGIRL
__ -Magnon man CRO
__ -TURN (street sign) NOU
__ Carlo MONTE
__ de mer MAL
__ fire under (roused) LITA
__ Gay (warplane) ENOLA
__ Lingus (Irish carrier) AER