Premier Sunday – King Feature Syndicate – Aug 8 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
“Angel” actress Amy ACKER
“Au __” (“So long for now”) REVOIR
“Diary of __ Housewife” AMAD
“Fist City” singer Loretta LYNN
“Hamilton” duet sung by Burr and Hamilton to their children DEARTHEODOSIA
“I don’t give __!” ARIP
“Would that it were true!” IHOPE
“__ -Ho” (“Snow White” song) HEIGH
Actor Erwin STU
Aerobic exercise promotes it HEARTHEALTH
After-bath garments ROBES
Aid in diagnosing an injured meniscus KNEEARTHROSCOPY
Alliance of the W. Hemisphere OAS
Appends ADDS
Archaic verb ending ETH
Asset of Hercules and Samson STRENGTH
Beet or turnip ROOT
Bicolor whale ORCA
Big cat’s lair DEN
Bond creator Fleming IAN
Bone-dry ARID
Boorish types YAHOOS
Botch it up ERR
Boxer Max BAER
Bruin Bobby ORR
Budapest native HUNGARIAN
Careful reader PERUSER
Cattle home RANCH
Chocolate syrup brand BOSCO
Church tower STEEPLE
Circle portion ARC
City in Florida OCALA
Clip, as wool SHEAR
Conducted LED
Congest with fluid ENGORGE
Danger of atomic weapons NUCLEARTHREAT
DEA agents NARCS
Depend on TRUST
Diner patrons choosing dishes ORDERERS
Does in, as a dragon SLAYS
Dragon killer, say HERO
Drain cleaner LYE
Draw upon USE
Drink mixer SODA
Emmy winner Falco EDIE
Et __ (and others, in footnotes) ALII
Faux __ PAS
First Hebrew letter ALEPH
Flip out GOAPE
Flow slowly SEEP
Fond du __, Wisconsin LAC
Foretellers SEERS
French artist Édouard MANET
Gives temporarily LENDS
Greek consonant PHI
Greek consonants RHOS
Greek region THESSALY
Guthrie of folk ARLO
Hard work TRAVAIL
Helpful boost LEGUP
Hiker’s printed guide AREAMAP
Hit of the past OLDIE
Home to St. Teresa AVILA
Horn sounds TOOTS
Howled wolfishly BAYED
In dreamland ASLEEP
In __ (not yet born) UTERO
Infant BABE
Clues Answers
Is furious RAGES
Je ne __ quoi (elusive quality) SAIS
Jetway locale GATE
Just slightly ATAD
Kin of reggae SKA
Like scalawags RASCALLY
Literary alias PENNAME
Love, to Celine AMOUR
Make over REDO
Makes good REDEEMS
Making haste HIEING
Mannheim’s river RHINE
Med. exam involving a forearm jab TBTEST
Morales of “La Bamba” ESAI
Most frigid COLDEST
Nerve-racking STRESSFUL
Noah’s boat ARK
Nobel-winning U.N. agcy ILO
NPR journalist Daniel SCHORR
Oar wood ASH
Olympic runner Sebastian COE
On __ firma TERRA
Ones outdoing all rivals, informally CAPPERS
Onetime TWA rival USAIR
Paul Lynde’s role on “Bewitched” UNCLEARTHUR
Pigeon calls COOS
Players of LPs and 45s PHONOS
Plow pullers OXEN
Possesses HAS
Possible response to “Good job!” ITRY
Prefix with commuting TELE
Prefix with fiche MICRO
Prints messily SCRAWLS
Put a knot in TIE
Put up with ENDURE
Quality of a dirty chimney SOOTINESS
Race joiner ENTRANT
Race pace TROT
Race space LANE
Rear-end or sideswipe CRASHINTO
Result of a lucid mind CLEARTHINKING
Rip open eagerly TEARTHROUGH
Road coating TAR
Rock guitarists, slangily AXMEN
Rowdy crowd MOB
Safecracker, slangily YEGG
Savoir- __ FAIRE
Secret stash CACHE
Set of values ETHOS
Sheep call BAA
Single out as especially important KEYON
Sits next to ABUTS
Skin protein ELASTIN
Sneaky laugh HEH
Soft toy bear TEDDY
Some pudding bases TAPIOCAS
Tolkien’s imaginary world (that hints at this puzzle’s theme) MIDDLEEARTH
Tools facilitating weapon-launching SPEARTHROWERS
Tree that’s a chocolate source CACAO
Trembled SHOOK
Up to, in ads TIL
Venerate ADORE
Victory sign VEE
Wedding party RECEPTION
What a dipstick is dipped into OIL
What a dipstick is dipped into CRANKCASE
Work unit, in physics ERG
Young miss GAL
__ the bud (forestall) NIPIN

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